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Orthopaedic - Joint Repalcement

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Orthopaedic - Joint Replacement

Orthopaedics refers to a branch of medical science that deals with injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Joint replacement is a subspecialty of orthopaedics. It is mainly of two types - partial joint replacement or full joint replacement. In any case, try for the best treatment by searching for ‘orthopaedic hospitals near me’.  Looking for ‘orthopaedic hospitals near me’ on the internet is a great way to get in touch with reliable surgeons.

What do we need to know about joint replacement?

Joint replacement refers to a surgical procedure in which parts of a joint which are arthritic or damaged are removed or replaced. This is conducted with a device known as a prosthesis, which can be made of ceramic, plastic or metal. Prosthesis is designed in such a way that it leads to the replication of the movement of a joint that is normal and healthy. For such a procedure, search for ‘orthopaedic hospitals near me’.

The various types of joint replacement surgeries include total joint replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, and joint preservation surgery. If you are seeking one of these surgeries, then search for an ‘ortho doctor near me’.

Who qualifies for joint replacement?

Those who suffer from joint pain or joint deformity can seek this procedure. In many cases, the cause of joint pain is damage to the articular cartilage due to a fracture, arthritis, etc.

First, treatment options like activity modifications, physical therapy, and medications will be tried. When these treatment options fail to work on such patients, then doctors may recommend a joint replacement procedure.

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Why is joint replacement conducted?

The reasons for conducting joint replacement are as follows:

  • Problems inside joints: Problems that exist inside joints can be visualized, diagnosed, and treated due to a specialized procedure known as arthroscopy.
  • Replacement: It can facilitate the replacement of an arthritic or damaged joint with an artificial joint.
  • Bone deformity: The correction of the bone deformity is possible by cutting or repositioning the bone, thanks to joint replacement.
  • Fusion: Sometimes bones may not heal properly. To facilitate proper bone healing, a joint replacement process known as fusion is useful. In this process, a fusion of bones takes place with one another, resulting in a single solid bone.

What are the benefits?

In order to seek the benefits of joint replacement, you must search for ‘orthopaedic hospitals near me’. Below are the various benefits of joint replacement:

  •  Reduction in pain of joints
  •  Restoration of motion of joints
  •   Improvement in the strength of a joint
  •  Increase in the mobility of a joint
  •  Increase in weight-bearing capacity of a joint
  •   Enhancement of quality of life

What are the risks?

There are some risks associated with the procedure. Once you find a doctor after searching for ‘ortho doctors near me’, discuss the possible risks. Some of the common risks are as follows:

  • Infection of the joint and nearby tissues
  • Development of blood clots
  • Injury to the nerves present around the joint
  • Dislocation or loosening of the joint or nearby bones

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What is the difference between joint replacement and arthroplasty?

No real difference exists between joint replacement and arthroplasty. Joint replacement is a highly advanced surgery. The term, joint replacement, appears somewhat intimidating to many people. This is why more and more doctors now prefer to use the term, arthroplasty, instead. If you need to seek the services of such doctors, search for ‘ortho doctors near me’.

What are the types of tests that may be required before a total joint replacement surgery?

The various types of tests that may be required before a total joint replacement surgery are: chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, urine tests, and blood tests. For a proper total joint replacement surgery, search for ‘ortho doctors near me’.

How can you prepare for a joint replacement surgery?

In order to properly prepare yourself before a joint replacement surgery, consult a doctor by searching for an ‘ortho doctor near me’. Nevertheless, you can prepare yourself physically weeks before the surgery with these measures:

  • Eating a well-balanced diet weeks before the surgery
  • Exercising as per the recommendation of the doctor
  • Abstaining from alcohol consumption and smoking

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