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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery or SILS is an umbrella term for techniques with a minimally invasive approach involving single incisions only. Minimally invasive surgical methods are the ones that involve making single or multiple small incisions to reduce the trauma caused to muscles and skin.

In comparison to conventional laparoscopic surgeries that require making 3 or more incisions and leave rather visible scars, SILS requires the doctor to make only one incision near the belly button which helps to hide the only scar that is left behind.

The techniques that are a part of SILS are rapidly evolving with a wide variety of newly developed equipment as well as a more advanced range of procedures that provide greater benefits than conventional or open surgeries.

This type of surgically advanced procedure can be used in operations like cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal, appendicectomy or appendix removal, the majority of gynaecological surgeries, and repairing the incisional hernia. As new techniques and equipment continue to be developed, more operations will be made possible in the future using SILS.

What is the Procedure of SILS?

The main steps of the procedure involve making a single small incision in the abdomen near the belly button or below the navel. Such incisions usually extend from 10mm to 20mm in length. Through this single incision, all of the laparoscopic equipment required for the surgery is entered inside to operate on the patient.

Conventional laparoscopic surgery is different from this step of SILS since it requires filling the patient’s abdomen with carbon dioxide gas so that space can be created for the surgeon to insert tubes called ports through 3-4 small cuts. Instruments for surgery are then entered through these ports.

The next steps are performed according to the medical surgery required by the patient, similar to conventional laparoscopic surgery.

What are the Benefits of SILS?

There are significant benefits that a single incision surgery has over the conventional technique. While the major focus is on the procedure involving only a single incision or cut, other advantages include:

  • Significantly low pain
  • Lowered risk of infection
  • Rapid recovery
  • No prominently visible scar
  • Reduced risk of nerve injuries

What are the Limitations?

Certain limitations are faced in circumstances where performing SILS can lead to further complications. These include;

  • SILS is not recommended for tall people unless surgical instruments long enough to perform the operation is available with the surgeon.
  • The shape of surgical instruments that are used commonly in SILS is inappropriate for operations that require stitching 2 or more structures together inside the body.
  • SILS is also not recommended in cases where a tumour is located too close to a major blood vessel or severe inflammation is diagnosed.

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Who is the Right Candidate?

While conventional laparoscopic can be offered to anybody in need, the recommendation of SILS by your doctor at Apollo Kondapur is dependent upon certain factors. These are related to your physical and medical history. SILS may not be suitable for you in case:

  • You are obese and do not have a healthy physical state.
  • You have been through multiple abdomen surgeries in the past.
  • You have/are likely to have other medical conditions like an inflamed gallbladder.

1. What is the recovery period post-surgery?

Post SILS, the doctor may recommend 1 to 2 days of rest before returning to strenuous activities. This is a shorter recovery period in comparison to conventional techniques.


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