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Best Back pain Treatment in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Back or discomfort of the spine or back is considered back pain. It is a very common problem and affects different age groups due to several reasons. In most circumstances, back pain is not severe and is easily curable.

What are the types of back pain?

  1. Flexion dominant back pain

    This is the form of back pain that mostly occurs due to injury in the disc or an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Symptoms of flexion dominant back pain:

    • Leg pain, spine pain or sometimes both
    • Experiences of numbness or tingling
    • Chance of weakness in legs.
    • Sometimes pain while sneezing or coughing can be felt.
    • The feeling of difficulty in straightening up, particularly after sitting

    Remedies for flexion dominant back pain

    Remedies for flexion dominant pain may include a guided exercise or practising stretching at frequent intervals that helps in maintaining the motion in the spinal cord and reducing the pain.

    It is advised to take the help of a physiotherapist at Apollo Kondapur once the pain lowers down.

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  2. Extension dominant back pain

    Extension Dominant pain is experienced in the joints at the back of the spine known as zygapophyseal joints (or Z-joints).

    Symptoms of extension dominant back pain:

    • Standing for long periods may cause pain.
    • The motion of the pain is mostly stable and does not change during short periods.
    • The back sometimes may also get stiffed that have a high impact can cause pain.
    • Severe cases may include leg pain, tingling, or even numbness.

    Remedies for extension dominant back pain:

    Practising flexed postures to relieve pain can be helpful. Techniques or therapies like acupuncture or manual therapy may also help in relieving back pain.

    Once the pain gets settled down, it is preferred to take a treatment program under the supervision of a doctor or medical expert which will further aim at building muscles around the spine.

  3. Neurogenic claudication


    Neurogenic Claudication is a type of Extension Dominant back pain that most likely affects old individuals of the 60+ age group. Compressed nerves are a common cause of neurogenic claudication. It can limit a patient’s ability to walk for long distances.


    Symptoms of neurogenic claudication:

    • Experiencing no pain while sitting.
    • Pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs begins after a predictable amount of time while rising and walking
    • Some patients may experience shopping card syndrome, i.e., having to lean in the shopping cart for relief.

    Remedies for neurogenic claudication

    Patients must take frequent breaks while walking to allow their nerves to recover. As soon as the pain lowers down, it is advised to schedule an appointment with a doctor and practice exercise under the guidance of an expert to reduce pelvic anterior tilt in standing

  4. Inflammatory back pain


    Inflammatory back pain occurs rarely in individuals but it may get wrongly diagnosed. It is caused by inflammation in the spinal joints; it is a condition that causes the attack in the spine by the immune system.

    Most individuals of the age of fewer than 45 years experience inflammatory back pain.


    Symptoms of inflammatory back pain:

    • Pain stays for more than three months
    • The back pain triggers mostly at night and in the early morning

    Remedies for inflammatory back pain

    Certain exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist is recommended, only a physiotherapist can help with symptom management. Therefore, it is recommended to visit one.

  5. Chronic pain disorders


    It is a pain disorder involving back pain. It usually occurs after an injury or, illness and affects one limb, generally, an arm, leg, hand or foot. According to studies, people with depression and other mental health conditions are most likely to suffer from chronic pain disorders.


    Symptoms of chronic pain disorders:

    • Irritability
    • Guilt
    • Poor sleep
    • The pain may migrate from one body part to another
    • Pain may worsen by anxiety or depression

    Remedies for chronic pain disorder

    Patients suffering from a pain disorder should take the help of physiotherapists as well as mental health experts. Only experts can guide the patients to maintain physical fitness and function along with screening for other complicating factors such as anxiety or depression.

    All types of back pain are curable and treatable under medical guidance. Therefore, taking the help and guidance of a medical expert before the condition gets severe is important in most types of back pain.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a type of wellness profession that promotes wellbeing and mobility. It is also the service that registered physiotherapists give patients for their well-being.

How long does a treatment session take?

Most types of back pain require at least 3 months to recover varying with the treatment being taken and the guidance’s being followed by the patient.

How many appointments do I need?

The number of appointments or sessions depends upon the condition of the patient.


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