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Surgical Breast Biopsy

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Surgical Breast Biopsy in Kondapur, Hyderabad

A breast biopsy is a procedure that is used to examine a suspicious area in your breast and determine whether it is breast cancer. Various types of breast biopsy procedures are available. The surgical breast biopsy is used to remove all or part of a lump present in your breast to check the presence of any cancerous cells that may be present. 2 types of surgical biopsies are available, namely: an incisional biopsy, wherein only a part of abnormal is removed and an excisional biopsy wherein the entire abnormal area or tumour is removed.

How is the procedure of Surgical Breast Biopsy performed?

A surgical breast biopsy is generally performed in an operating room. Sedation is given through a vein in the hand and local anaesthesia to numb the breast. During the procedure of a surgical breast biopsy, a part of the breast or the entire breast is removed for evaluation.

A technique called wire localization may be used to locate the breast mass, in case it is not felt easily. During this procedure, the tip of a thin wire is positioned within the breast mass or just through it to locate the breast mass.

After the part of the entire breast, the mass has been removed using the wire, the tissue is sent to the hospital lab to confirm the presence of cancer. For the evaluation, the edges or the margins of the mass are used to determine whether cancer cells are present.

In case the presence of cancer cells is confirmed, another surgery may be scheduled for the removal of more tissues. If the margins are clear or negative margins are detected, it indicates that cancer has been removed adequately.

What are the Benefits of Surgical Breast Biopsy?

A breast biopsy proves beneficial in providing a sample of tissue that helps the doctors to identify and diagnose abnormalities in the cells that form the breast lumps, other unusual changes, or suspicious findings on an ultrasound. It helps in determining whether the presence of abnormal cells is cancerous. The lab report from the breast biopsy also helps in evaluating whether an additional surgery or treatment is needed.

What are the Side Effects of Surgical Breast Biopsy?

The side effects of surgical breast biopsy may include:

Bruising on the breast

Swelling of the breast

Infection at the biopsy site

Bleeding at the affected area

Changed appearance of the breast

Additional surgery or treatment, depending on the results of the biopsy performed.

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Who is the Right Candidate for Surgical Breast Biopsy?

Your doctor may find you suitable for surgical breast biopsy if:

  • There is a lump or thickening in your breast making the condition suspicious of being cancer
  • Your mammogram indicates the presence of a suspicious area in your breast
  • The MRI reveals a suspicious symptom
  • An ultrasound indicating a concerning situation
  • Unusual nipple or areola changes, that may include crusting, scaling, dimpling skin, or a blood discharge

If you have been recommended a biopsy and have questions, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor at Apollo Kondapur about the same.

1. How long does it take to recover from a surgical breast biopsy?

A surgical breast biopsy can take up to 1 to 2 weeks for the arrival of final results. Although, for a few days after the surgery, you may feel tired, weak and may also experience some pain. The skin around the part that went under surgery may feel firm, swollen, or tender.

2. What is the cost of a surgical breast biopsy?

Surgical biopsies are done in a hospital or surgical centre and the cost may range starting from Rs. 40,000 and can go way above.

3. How long does the procedure of surgical breast biopsy take?

The procedure of surgical breast biopsy takes at least 15 to 20 minutes. The time may very well exceed.

4. What should we not do before undergoing a breast biopsy?

Before undergoing the surgical breast biopsy procedure, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or blood thinners for at least 3 to 7 days before the surgery. Do not wear any accessories or jewellery such as earrings or necklaces. Do not use deodorant, talcum powder, or any bathing oil on the day of the surgical biopsy.


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