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Correction of Deformities

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Bone Deformity Correction Surgery in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Correction of deformities may be required in a situation wherein a bone or more than one bone is disorganized, infected, or unstable. This can be done through a surgical procedure or a modifying process at Apollo Kondapur. The bone is placed at the right place, or is attached to the right part of the body or maybe even replaced by a rod or other available tools. The correction of deformity may be required at any part of the body, the most common being the hands and legs.

How is the Procedure of Correction of Deformities Performed?

There are mainly two types of procedures available for correcting deformities. First, acute correction can be used when the deformity requires surgery for correction. An incision or cut is made around the laboured area. The deformed bone is placed correctly and if needed, a rod or plate made out of metal can be placed for proper positioning of the bone and support.

This procedure is generally performed under general anaesthesia. The second method that can be used to correct the deformities is a gradual correction. Herein, either one bone at a time or just some selective bones are treated at once. This is a slow procedure that may take a longer duration for correction of deformities than the acute method of correction.

What are the Benefits of Correction of Deformities?

There can be various conditions of deformities that can take place in a body. These deformities can be corrected using various techniques and procedures suitable for a particular condition. The correction of deformities has several benefits out of which a few can be mentioned as follows:

  • Alignment of misaligned or twisted bones.
  • Proper function of the afflicted area.
  • The overall activity of the body is enhanced.
  • The deformity, even the ones that may not hinder the performance of your body functions can be improved to provide a pleasant outer appearance.
  • It gives relief from other symptoms and ailments that come along with the deformity, such as, pain and discomfort.
  • Functioning of the corrected bone is also enhanced.

What are the Side Effects of Correction of Deformities?

Although the correction of deformities does not hold any adverse complications and risks, certain side effects may be involved with the treatment. These risks can be mentioned as follows:

  • You may be prone to infection through the incision made during the process of correcting the deformity.
  • The incision made can leave a permanent scar sometimes.
  • The bone may not be properly placed, though the chances of such happening are extremely bleak.
  • If proper support and joining are not provided to the affected bones, the situation may get aggravated.

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Who is the Right Candidate for undergoing the procedure of Correction of Deformities?

You may have to undergo the procedure of correction of deformities in the following situations:

  • If any bone, one or more than more, gets infected.
  • If there is dislocation of bone or bones due to an injury.
  • If there is loss of bone suffered during an accident.
  • If there is a possibility of fracture in the bone.

Correction of deformities is a safe procedure. Talk to your doctor if you need more information.

1. Who specializes in correcting bone deformities?

An orthopaedic surgeon is consulted if you suffer from any case of deformities. They specialize in the evaluation and treating the condition of deformities.

2. Can a displaced bone heal without a cast?

Yes, a displaced bone can be treated without a cast. This majorly depends on the cause of displacement.

3. What precautions should be taken during the phase of correction of deformities?

Smoking and increased intake of sugar levels can slow down the process of correction of deformities.


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