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Ankle Arthroscopy

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Best Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery in Kondapur, Hyderabad

A surgical procedure that is performed for the treatment of various ankle conditions is referred to as Ankle Arthroscopy.

What Is Ankle Arthroscopy?

Ankle Arthroscopy, also known as Ankle Keyhole Surgery, is a surgery performed to treat a variety of conditions related to the ankle, such as ankle arthritis, ankle sprain, osteochondral injuries, ankle fracture, sprain or instability or for the surgeon to examine or repair tendons and ligaments.

When Is Ankle Arthroscopy Prescribed or Needed?

It is recommended if:

  • There is a ligament damage
  • You have sprained or fractured ankle
  • You have ankle arthritis
  • You have osteochondral injuries
  • You have ankle instability
  • You have loosened or stretched ligaments on the outside of your ankle

Then you should seek immediate medical attention and schedule your appointment with a healthcare professional at the earliest, so they can examine and recommend you the required treatments.

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How Is an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery Performed?

The process includes inserting a small telescope and instruments through incisions in the ankle joints, through which the images of the inside of the joints are displayed for the surgeon to examine and treat it.

Procedures performed using Arthroscopy may include:

  • Surgery to examine or repair ligaments or tendons or to take away tissues or bones that might be causing the pain
  • Ankle Fusion Surgery

How Do You Prepare For an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

There are certain things to keep in mind before an Ankle Arthroscopy surgery, which you will of course be provided by your doctor. However, some important points may include:

  • You should refrain from eating or drinking on the day of the surgery
  • Your surgeon might ask you to not take blood-thinning agents, such as Aspirin or Warfarin for a few days prior to the surgery
  • You should arrange a family member or friend, who can help you drive home after you have been discharged
  • You should check with and let your surgeon know about any form of medication that you may be taking
  • You must let your doctor know if you are allergic to any kind of medications, for instance, anaesthesia

What Are The Complications and Risks Of an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

Ankle Arthroscopy is a relatively safe surgery with fewer difficulties and complications. However, some possible complications of an Ankle Arthroscopy surgery may include:

  • Risks associated with anaesthesia, infections.
  • Bleeding from cut blood vessels
  • Blood clots
  • Injury to nerves and blood vessels around the ankles

What Happens After an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

The surgeon at Apollo Kondapur after the surgery and after monitoring may:

  • Place you in an immobilizer for approximately six weeks
  • Put your ankle in a cast, if an extensive surgery or remodelling of the ankle is performed, to promote healing
  • Put a simple splint or air splint on your ankle, if you had an arthroscopy only to establish a diagnosis
  • Prescribe your pain medicines

You should further make sure to keep the areas clean and dry while the incisions are healing and follow the instructions provided by your surgeon.

What Is The Recovery Time For an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

The recovery time for an Ankle Arthroscopy may vary and depend on the patient’s health, or any other kinds of complications that might have occurred.

When Should You Seek Medical Help After an Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

  • You must lookout for any signs of infections, which may include:
    • Fever
    • Red streaks from the incisions
    • Draining of pus from the incisions
    • If there is an increase in the pain (for more than two days after the surgery)
  • You must look out for any signs of compartment syndrome, which is a rare but dangerous condition. Things you must look out for include:
    • Pain or swelling in the leg (more than at the incision sites)
    • A cold leg or foot
    • Numbness or tingling in the leg

If you suspect you have any form of infection in your ankle or witness any of the symptoms related to infections or compartment syndrome as mentioned above, then you must immediately consult about it with your surgeon.

Ankle Arthroscopy or Ankle Keyhole Surgery is a very safe surgery that helps you treat any kind of complications that you must be facing, related to your ankles.

What is the long-term impact of ankle arthroscopy?

Most patients are able to return to their normal activities several months after their operation and the swelling in your foot or ankle after the surgery will mostly disappear within approximately three months from your surgery.

What should I do after Ankle Arthroscopy?

You should try and keep your ankle elevated when not walking for the first week. Whenever the foot is put down, it may swell and become sore. However, it is normal to see mild bruising and some dry blood on the foot. Post-operative pain should reduce after few days or by the end of the week.


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