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Hand Reconstruction Surgery

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Best Hand Reconstruction Surgery in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Hand reconstruction surgery is done to restore the balance of the hand and at times, to enhance its appearance. The goal of the surgery is to rebalance the fingers and hands to get the hand to function usefully.

Why should you get hand reconstruction surgery?

Hand reconstruction surgery seeks to restore the balance and normal functioning of the fingers and the wrist. Hand surgery can improve the strength, flexibility and functionality of the injured hand. Injury from trauma, accident, fall, burn etc. can be fixed with the help of this surgery. Serious injuries like detachment of fingers or the entire hand or congenital abnormality of the hand can be surgically improved with help of hand reconstruction.

Surgeons at Apollo Kondapur recommend that the surgery is done while the finger is supple since it’s easier to align them. Rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can also be treated with hand surgery.

Which type of hand surgery is suitable for you?

Depending on the cause of the injury to the hand, different types of hand surgeries can be performed to correct it:

  • Microsurgery- It is a surgical technique that uses a microscope to treat injuries that may have affected blood vessels or veins. With the help of the microscope the blood vessels, veins, tissues and tendons can be reconstructed. Tissue transfer is also possible with the microscopic technique. This surgery allows blood supply through the hand and prevents the total loss of hands and fingers.
  • Nerve repair- Injuries can cause damage to the nerves leading to a loss of function and feeling in the hand. The surgeons can stitch the nerve and blood vessels back to place.
  • Closed reduction and fixation- This can be done to repair to fix a bone fracture or a broken bone in the hand or fingers. The bones are realigned with the help of internal fixtures like casts, rods, splints or wire to achieve mobility.
  • Join replacement- Usually used in cases of severe arthritis, it is also known as arthroplasty. The joint affected by arthritis is replaced by an artificial joint made of metal, rubber, silicone or at times body tissue called tendons.
  • Tendon repair- tendons are tissues that joining the muscle and bone. Damage can be caused to them due to sudden trauma or injury. Surgery can be done to the hand to repair the damaged tendon.
  • Replantation - in extreme cases where a part of the hand has been completely cut or severed from the hand, replantation surgery can be used. With the help of microsurgery, the body part is reattached in order to restore its function.

What are the risks of hand reconstruction surgery?

The healing process after the surgery is difficult and utmost care is recommended. A few risks that are a cause of concern are:

  • Infection
  • Loss of feeling or movement
  • Blood clotting
  • Incomplete healing and bleeding

If any of these symptoms are noticed, please contact your doctor immediately.

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What is the recovery process?

After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation for a while and bandages, dressing and stitches are taken care of. Before going home at-home care instructions will be given. Medication and antibiotics to reduce pain and the risk of infection may be prescribed. Recovery time for each patient varies depending on the type of injury and surgery performed.

Hand therapy and follow up meeting with the surgeon is recommended. Physical therapy will help restore the functioning of the hand. It helps regain motion, strength and flexibility of the hand.

Hand surgeries have advanced over the years and can restore normal functionality and appearance of the hands in most cases. Reconstruction and replantation can achieve miracles in regaining the functionality of the hand.

1. How long does the pain last after the surgery?

Pain may last for a week to ten days. It is normal to experience pain and medication may b prescribed for it depending on the case.

2. Is it an outpatient or inpatient surgery?

The patients are usually allowed to go home the same day considering they have someone to help them recover and perform daily tasks. If not they are kept in for a few days.

3. Are there any complications involved?

Complications are not that common after hand surgery if proper care is taken. Minor infection, swelling may occur. In extreme cases severe bleeding.


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