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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Reconstructive Plastic surgery generally involves the treatment of conditions that may have caused abnormal changes in an individual’s body shape or appearance.

What Is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

As conveyed by the word ‘reconstruct’, which means ‘to rebuild’, Reconstructive Plastic surgery is a corrective surgical procedure that is generally performed in order to correct facial and/or body abnormalities that might have been caused due to any form of injuries, diseases or which might have been some form of birth defects etc.

Usually, the goal of a Reconstructive surgery is to improve body malfunctions.

When Is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Recommended or Needed?

If you have certain physical deformities or certain body abnormalities, which might have been caused due to specific injuries or diseases, then you should seek medical attention and schedule your appointment with a healthcare professional at the earliest, as they might ask you to go through some physical examinations.

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How Is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Performed?

In reconstructive surgery, the surgeon at Apollo Kondapur may often use one tissue from one area of your body to fix another area to fix any form of abnormality or deformity. In surgeries like the ones related to the neck and head, the surgeon may often use bone from an area to fix the affected area to function and work normally.

How Do You Prepare For Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

There are certain things to keep in mind before reconstructive plastic surgery, which you will of course be provided by your doctor. However, you must tell your doctor if you:

  • Are allergic to certain medications, for instance, anaesthesia
  • Are taking any kind of medications
  • You may not be allowed to take aspirin, or any product containing aspirin or any form of anti-inflammatory drugs, as these might increase bleeding
  • You may have to stop smoking if you do
  • You may have to stop taking any form of supplements
  • You should arrange a family member or friend, who can help you drive home after you have been discharged

What Are The Complications and Risks Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is a fairly safe surgery. However, some possible complications of reconstructive plastic surgery may include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Infections
  • Anaesthesia problems
  • Difficulty in wound healing
  • Blood clot
  • Scarring
  • Fluid buildup under the skin

What Happens After a Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

There might be certain wounds and swellings that might take some time to heal or scars that may take almost approximately a year or so to heal. You might be able to engage in your daily activities approximately about after six weeks or so, however, different people heal in different time spans and you must wait and consult with your doctor before any kind of activity you want to engage in and must wait for quite some time to be able to engage in strenuous activities.

What Is The Recovery Time For Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Everyone has their own healing time spans, however, it approximately takes about six weeks or so to recover after Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

When Should You Seek For Medical Help After Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Swelling or scarring or wounds may be normal and should probably fade away or cure with time. However, if you witness any form of abnormal effects like excessive bleeding etc. then you must notify your doctor so that they can look into the issues further and you must be in constant contact with your doctor so that they can guide you through what is normal and what isn’t.

Reconstructive Plastic surgery is generally intended towards individuals with physical abnormalities or deformity and is a fairly safe form of surgery, however, as with all surgeries, might have few complications and risks here and there.

What Are Few Of The Benefits Of A Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Few benefits may include:

  • Physical health improvements
  • Fixation of any form of physical deformity
  • Fixation of any form of abnormal functioning
  • Better quality of life

Why Is Reconstructive Surgery Important?

Reconstructive surgery is medically necessary in order to fix physical deformity and abnormalities and in order to help the function of the affected area. It is also normally a critical element of cancer surgery. Craniofacial, abdominal, pelvic, skin/soft tissue and extremity surgeons often create defects that require reconstruction.


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