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Speciality Clinics in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Services present at the hospital are provided by the speciality clinics. Thus helping you get the best results. These are located at the hospital.

The speciality clinics provide the following:

  • It provides nurses, midwifery, and health professionals with proper diagnoses. It also provides the required treatment.
  • For complex conditions medical support along with the specialist.
  • Hospital care for patients before and after the operation.
  • Maternity care.
  • You can get your imaging and pathology tests done.
  • Lab tests are given by the doctor or the specialist.

Specialist clinics are also known as outpatients. These are for patients who are admitted at the hospital and also for the patients whose surgery is done and need a check-up.


Generally, people are referred to the specialty clinic by their doctor after surgery or after diagnosis of the condition. Once your referral is given an appointment will be booked for you by the specialty clinic staff. You will receive your appointment date or the specialist clinic staff will call you 1-2 days before the appointment to inform you. If your referral expires then you have to go to your doctor to get another referral or renew it.

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Clinic appointment waiting time

The waiting time for an appointment can vary depending on the specialty clinic and the hospital. If you are having trouble controlling the issue while you are waiting for an appointment you can speak to your doctor who referred the clinic. Further, you can discuss the situation and look for other available options.

Go to your local doctor and manage the condition until you get an appointment. In case of emergency call an ambulance and do not delay.

How your appointment is arranged at Apollo Spectra, Kondapur

The specialist clinics are open on weekdays. On public holidays the speciality clinics will be closed. Give your phone number to the clinic staff so that he/she can contact you and inform you about your appointment. The following information will be given to you from the specialist clinic:

  • The clinic phone number will be provided so that you can contact the clinic staff beforehand.
  • A patient identification number will be given to you. This helps the specialist clinic staff to check your record and answer your questions.
  • You will be given the direction to the specialist clinic and a map that will provide the location.
  • Patient’s rights and responsibilities information. This is to let the patients know about their rights and responsibilities.

Appointment Cancellation or Changing at Apollo Spectra, Kondapur

If you want to cancel or change the date of your appointment then call the clinic staff and let them know ASAP as they will be able to allocate another date or cancel the appointment beforehand. If there is no need for an appointment then inform the clinic staff as it will reduce the waiting time for the other patients.

How to prepare for an appointment at Apollo Spectra, Kondapur?

Before you visit:

  • Get the test results that are needed or told.
  • The medication and supplements you are taking should be added to a list.
  • If you have questions then write them down.

Day of the appointment:

  • The appointment letter that you have received must be brought on the day of the appointment.
  • Bring X-rays or any relevant scan reports.
  • Bring the list of medications that you are under.


Speciality clinics are present to provide services to the patients before or after the treatment. It provides nurses, midwifery, and health professionals with diagnosis and treatment.

What are specialized clinics?

The speciality clinics provide the services that are present in a hospital. This helps in getting the best outcome that is possible. These are located at the hospital.

What services do specialist clinics provide?

  • Treatment for the operated patients.
  • Progress of the patients is monitored.
  • Reception services.


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