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Gallbladder Cancer

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Best Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in Kondapur, Hyderabad

Just like other cancers, gallbladder cancer is caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of tissues. The gallbladder is an organ situated beneath your liver that is responsible for secreting bile juice.

What exactly is gallbladder cancer and how does it differ from other cancers?

This is a disease in which malignant cells develop in your gallbladder, the organ that holds bile juice that helps cut fat. This is a rare disease that happens in very few individuals. They are difficult to detect in the early stages.

What are the types of gallbladder cancers?

Various types of cancers start in the gallbladder. But the most common one is the “Adenocarcinoma” cancer that develops in the gallbladder lining. Another type of cancer of concern is the “Papillary” cancer that forms hair-like projections.

What are the potential Symptoms of Gallbladder cancers?

Some things might be an indication of a serious disease, gallbladder cancer. It may include-

  1. Jaundice, a condition that causes yellowish skin
  2. An unexplained sudden weight loss
  3. Feeling bloated most of the times
  4. Pain in the abdominal region

What are the causes of Gallbladder cancers?

Doctors are still not clear about what causes gallbladder cancer. A cancer formation occurs when the cells mutate the DNA. But mostly these cancers start developing from the lining tissues of the gallbladder.

When to see a doctor?

This is a serious disease that might not be detected early. Thus, it is very important to look for early signs and get yourself examined. It is better to get checked in case you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms last longer than 2 weeks. Sudden weight loss should be considered a warning sign.

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What are the risk factors associated with gallbladder cancer?

Certain factors can elevate your risk of getting this cancer, such as-

  1. Increasing age- Your risk increases with old age
  2. Gender- Women are more prone to getting this type of cancer
  3. History of gallbladder conditions- If you’ve had gallstones in the past, you’re more likely to develop this cancer.
  4. Swollen bile ducts- When the bile ducts see inflammation for a long time, it may lead to cancer formation.

How is gallbladder cancer treated?

There are several methods to treat gallbladder cancer at Apollo Kondapur. Just like other cancers, it can be treated with-

  1. Surgery- This is a best-suited method in case of early detection
  2. Chemotherapy- The most common drug therapy used to treat cancers
  3. Immunotherapy- Used for patients to build natural immunity
  4. Radiation therapy- is used along with chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells.
  5. Targeted drug therapy- It targets weak cells and kills them.

Gallbladder cancer is a rare type of cancer that is more likely to affect women and those with gallstone history. The early diagnosis is extremely important for effective treatment. Just like other cancers, one needs a lot of support from their family.

How is gallbladder cancer diagnosed?

It can be detected with some blood tests and CT or MRI tests.

How many stages are there in this cancer?

There are 5 stages- 0,1,2,3, and 4. The fourth stage is the most dangerous.

Can this cancer recur?

It might occur again in some cases. For that, regular follow-ups with your consulting doctor are mandatory.

Which doctor treats gallbladder cancer?

You need to visit an oncologist in case of cancer detection in the gallbladder.


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