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Imaging is a technique used by doctors to examine and take images of the organs present in our body for diagnosis. There are many diseases not visible through our naked eyes. Hence, the process of imaging examines the abnormalities that are present in a patient. For example, if a person fractures his leg, he can get an x-ray. X rays are a type of medical imaging available at Apollo Kondapur.

What is the Process of Medical Imaging?

Using invisible rays like magnetic fields, electromagnetic radiations and more to examine a person's body is called medical imaging. An instrument is kept at one side of the room, and the rays pass through the patient's body or the specific part that needs diagnosis. Now, after this procedure, an image is formed by various degrees of absorption of the waves by several body tissues. The composition of the image takes place by the detector, which is based on shadows of the tissues.

What are the Uses of Medical Imaging?

Aforementioned, medical imaging helps with the diagnosis of an ailment. Some of the common uses include;

  1. Age-related calculations: Ultrasound is used commonly to take out the age of fetal and maternal gestational age.
  2. Monitoring disease progression: The doctors use the process of medical imaging to find the stage, the condition and the progression of the disease. There is a CT scan or an MRI done to determine the exact stage of cancer.
  3. Spot diagnosis: In this type, the medical condition can be told to the patient just by looking in the image and then the diagnosis can be performed. The fractures and tumours can be examined and detected by CT and plain radiography.
  4. Treatment planning: Medical imaging provides doctors with an idea of the size and placement of the lesion and it will further permit them to plan their treatment and the time they will take to perform the treatment.

What are the Various Types of Medical Imaging Procedures?

The various types of medical imaging procedures are;

  1. Ultrasound: In this, the medical imaging process is done with the help of sound. No use of electronic magnetic radiation is used in this process of imaging. During the diagnosis, the sound waves travel to a conducting gel which is applied to the body. There is a further hit of soundwaves on various parts of the body. Due to the bouncing back of sound waves, this is captured and transformed into images that can be monitored.
  2. Radiography: In earlier times, they were used for diagnostic imaging. They were used for visualizing the bones but in today's time, they have been replaced by much more advanced medical systems. Traditional radiography is known as mammography and is used to detect breast cancers in women. Another one is fluorography, in this, the injection is given or swallowed and the patient is checked by radiographs to examine for ulcers and obstruction.
  3. Magnetic resource imaging: Medical images using radio waves is known as magnetic resource imaging. There is a certain change in the direction of the hydrogen ions when radio-frequency waves are applied in a magnetic field, hence this change is recorded and processed for further examination. Magnetic resource imaging is also known as MRI.
  4. Computed tomography: Known as CT scans, here, the patient is put in a chamber of CT. In this chamber both sources, as well as a detector, are present. The direction of the source and the detector are opposite to each other and hence various photos of the patient's are taken. There is a detailed form of images as compared to traditional radiography.

Medical imaging allows surgeons to properly see and diagnose the disease. There are many diseases that are caused in our body that are not visible from our naked eyes. Hence, we use imaging to diagnose such problems. They are safe and easy.

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1. Do MRI scripts expire?

There is no standard expiration date for MRI.

2. What are various imaging procedures?

The most commonly used procedures are ;

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT


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