Kidney Stone Treatment in Hyderabad

Apollo Spectra provides world class kidney stone treatment in Hyderabad. Kidney stones are solid masses made up of dissolved minerals on the inner lining of the kidney. They are made of calcium oxalate usually but it may be made up of other compounds too. This is usually one of the most painful medical conditions. They can develop anywhere within the urinary tract. The treatment is based on the type, size, location or occurrence of the stone. If the stones are small in size they may pass through the urinary tract. To know the type of the kidney stone it may be asked to collect the stone in a container and can be sent to a lab for testing its type. It may be advised to drink plenty of liquid fluids to pass the stone down the urinary track. If the condition is sever like pain and vomiting, it might be required to operate it immediately.

How the stones can be removed?

There are various ways in which the stone can be broken down into smaller pieces and can be brought down through the urinary tract. This can be done by a urologist. The processes are stated below:

Shockwave lithotripsy:
In this type of surgery, the kidney stone is blasted into several smaller pieces and then brought down through the urinary tract. During this the patient may be made unconscious by using anesthesia.

Cystoscopy or ureteroscopy:

In cystoscopy, a cystoscope is entered through the urethra to have a look inside the urethra or the bladder and find a stone. In ureteroscopy, ureteroscope is entered through the urethra to have a detailed look at ureters and kidneys. Once the stone is found, it is brought down or broken into smaller pieces. During this procedure, the patient is under the influence of anesthesia.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy:

In this the doctor directly enters a thin viewing tool, nephroscope, to locate and bring down the stone or break it into smaller pieces. The tool is entered directly into the kidney by making a small cut at the back. This is also operated in the influence of anesthesia.

After these procedures, the stones collected might be sent to the lab to test their types. It may be advised to collect the urine for the next 24 hours to check for any more stones, mineral levels and the quantity of urine one is passing on a daily basis. If one has developed a tendency of forming stones then kidney stones can be a problem again. Thus a check is kept.

How can we avoid the formation of kidney stones in future?

To avoid the formation of kidney stones in future, at first place we need to know the root cause for its occurrence previously. By testing the type of stone that has formed, the doctor can prescribe some medicines, diet or exercises. Thus for prevention, causation is an important factor.

Drinking fluids is the first step towards stopping kidney stone formation

This is the most basic suggestion for stopping any further formation of kidney stones. Water being the best fluid to be drunk there are certain other fluids that can be as helpful in stopping the formation of stones in the kidney. Citrus fluids such as juices of orange, tangerine or lemonade can be very helpful in stopping the formation of kidney stones. Citric acid present in these juices will break down the minerals and avoid the formation of crystals into stones. A normal person should intake 8 ounces of water in a day if he does not has any medical condition which prohibits from doing so. The intake of water should be according to the work we do, place we live in and our other lifestyle factors. The proper amount needed by one can be known by consulting a doctor who may advise to collect urine for a day to know the amount of urine he passes throughout the day, which will help the doctor to know the correct amount of fluids needed by the body.


Sometimes medicines can be required to stop any further occurrence of kidney stone. The medicines differ according to the type of kidney stone. Some medicines can have side effects. The side effects range from minor to severe. If one faces any kind of side effect due to the intake of these medicines, doctor shall be consulted immediately.
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