Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

When your knee becomes extremely damaged due to an injury or a medical condition, such as arthritis, even the mundane activities like walking can become a tiresome chore. The pain may stay with you even while you rest. So, your doctor will first try non-invasive methods to treat the condition. When all the non-surgical treatments, such as medications and physical therapy no longer work, knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad maybe your option.

Knee replacement surgery is a very safe and effective treatment method, which can rectify any pain, correct any abnormalities, and ensure you practice your daily routine with ease. Did you know? The first knee surgery was performed during 1968. However, since then, the innovation in the techniques and the advancement in the technology has made this surgery. It is one of the successful techniques of the medical branch.

What is a knee?
The largest joint in our body is the knee. When your knees are healthy, keeping up with your daily routine becomes easier and pain-free. The end of the femur or the thighbone, the upper end of the shinbone also known as the tibia and the kneecap known as the patella, makes up the knee. The ends of these bones are put together with articular cartilage. It is a smooth substance, which makes movement easier and also protects the bone. Between the femur and the tibia, the menisci are located, who acts as a cushion or shock absorbers. The large ligaments are there to provide stability and hold the femur and tibia together. And, the strength to the knees is provided by the thigh muscles.
What is knee replacement surgery?
The damage, pain, inflammation, or any abnormalities can deteriorate the condition of the knees, especially osteoarthritis. Over time, it can even affect the surrounding tissues and interfere with even the normal activities. This surgery can relieve almost 90% of the pain. Generally, it is conducted to replace the damaged knee due to osteoarthritis. During this surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged bone, the cartilage (from the thighbone) and the shin bone. This is then replaced with a prosthetic implant, such as a mental implant at the area of the thighbone and shinbone is replaced with a plastic implant. This makes the bone smooth and eases the pain. Bending and the flexing of the knee becomes easy. In most cases, the surgeon may also replace the bottom surface with a plastic coating.
What are the types of knee surgeries?
Partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement is a surgery performed to replace just a part of the knee, which has become damaged or arthritis affected. One of the advantages of this surgery is that it requires a small incision. The amount of bone and the blood loss is also substantially less in this procedure. Also, during the recovery time, the pain is very less, and the recovery period is also faster.

Bilateral knee replacement

This is a surgery conducted to replace both knees at the same time. One of the main advantages of this surgery is, if both your knees have become damaged, this procedure replaces the knee at the same time, therefore, you will have to go through this procedure just once.

What are the causes that require knee replacement surgery?
One of the most common causes of undergoing this surgery is chronic knee pain and damaged the knee. Generally, arthritis leads to knee replacement surgery, and the most common arthritis that causes damage to the knees are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis.
When is the surgery recommended?
There are various reason why knee replacement surgery is performed. Some of the most common reasons are;

  • Chronic knee pain and stiffness of the knees, which interfere with your everyday activities, and this includes; climbing the stairs, walking, sitting in a chair and then standing, you may feel the need to use a supporting aid, such as a walker to even walk a short distance.
  • While you rest, you may experience knee pain even then and this pain can go from moderate to severe.
  • The inflammation of the knee may become chronic and the swelling may not go down, despite various medications and therapies.
  • Deformities of the knee
  • When no other treatment methods work, surgery is recommended.
Why Apollo Spectra?
At Apollo Spectra, knee replacements are safe. When you visit us for a knee surgery in Hyderabad, we will help you understand the whole process and recommend a surgery only after trying other non-invasive methods. Our surgeons are highly-qualified and come with a vast experience and support you through the whole process. If you suspect an issue, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today!