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Best Appendectomy Procedure in Kondapur, Hyderabad

It is a surgery that is done to remove the appendix when an infection occurs and is known as appendicitis. It is a vital and very common medical surgery done.

What are the types of appendectomies?

Usually, there are two types of appendectomies that are done. The method that is widely used is an open appendectomy. Another method is laparoscopic appendectomy.

  1. Open appendectomy: a cut of almost 4 inches is made in the stomach on the lower region in the right side of your belly, and the appendix is treated out.
  2. Laparoscopic appendectomy: this method is very new, and it allows few cuts to be made and the appendectomy is performed without many deep incisions. A long tube that is known as laparoscopy is put inside which has cameras and tools for the surgery, the doctor looks in the TV to monitor the surgery and guide the surgeries tools.

After the laparoscopic surgery or during it, the surgeon might feel the need to conduct an open appendectomy depending on the appendix.

What are the symptoms which make you feel the need for an appendectomy?

There are a lot of symptoms that a person might feel in the abdomen and hence may need an appendectomy for the same. It may include a swollen appendix, soreness and it can also be very infected.

If you are having appendicitis, there is a very high risk of your appendix bursting.

What are the risks of appendectomy?

Although risks are less, they can happen in the following ways:

  1. There can be an infection in the wound
  2. Certain bleeding
  3. There can be infection and swollen belly can also be there
  4. Your bowels can also get blocked
  5. There can be injury near your organs

Always have a good discussion with your doctor before going for the surgery.

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What is the procedure of appendectomy?

In maximum conditions, appendectomy is highly an emergency condition that will advise a hospital stay. At Apollo Kondapur, it is performed while giving you anaesthesia.

The following process is followed for the same:

  1. Removal of jewellery or any expensive items would be asked so that they do not come in between the surgery
  2. Your clothes will be removed and a gown will be given
  3. There will be a line that will be intravenous that will be put in your hands
  4. You will be asked to lie down on your back while the process begins
  5. If there is much hair at the site, they will be cleaned first
  6. There will be a tube that will be put down in order to help you to breathe without any problems.

Open appendectomy:

  • The cut will be made on the abdomen on the right side, on the lower region
  • The muscles of the abdomen will be part away, and the area of the abdomen will be opened
  • The appendix will be stitched and after that, it will be removed
  • If a burst of the appendix has taken place, the abdomen will be wiped with germ-free water
  • Then it will stitch and a tube will be inserted to drain all liquids

Laparoscopic appendectomy:

  • There will be a laparoscopic tube inserted which has cameras
  • A lot of cuts will be made for the other tools to enter
  • The use of carbon dioxide will be done for the swelling of the abdomen.
  • The appendix will be tied and then will be released after the incision
  • When the surgery is finished, the tools of laparoscopy will be removed and the carbon dioxide will be removed from the cuts. There can be a tiny tube insertion that will drain out all cuts.

How is the procedure completed in both forms?

The further completion of the procedure takes place with the following:

  1. The appendix taken out will be sent to the lab for further examination
  2. The incision cuts will be closed by stitches
  3. A germ-free bandage will be used to cover the wounds

What are the risks of appendectomy?

There are the following risks that may happen during the appendectomy:

  1. Your bowels are not moving for more than 2 days
  2. No feeling to eat
  3. Continuous vomiting.
  4. Severe pains around the stitched area
  5. Diarrhoea for more than 3 days
  6. Bleeding
  7. Redness
  8. Swelling
  9. Having fever
  10. Cramps around abdomen

Please consult your doctor if you are facing such problems at home after the surgery.

1. What is the average recovery time after appendectomy?

If you have done a laparoscopic appendectomy then the recovery will take around 3 weeks and after that, you can return to your work, but if you have done an open appendectomy then it will take a month to recover

2. Will you be able to walk after the appendectomy?

Yes, you should be able to walk a little, and movements should be able to be done. It will also prevent the blood from clogging.

3. What food you can't eat after appendectomy?

Avoid foods like red meat, dairy products, pizza, frozen dinners, cakes and drinks which contain caffeine after the surgery is done.


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