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Lymph node Biopsy

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Lymph node Biopsy Test in Kondapur, Hyderabad

A test in which a lymph node or a piece of it is removed for examination is referred to as lymph node Biopsy.

What Is LymphNode Biopsy?

Lymph nodes are tiny organs located in different parts of the body. They are oval-shaped. A lymph node Biopsy is a diagnostic test where a lymph node tissue is removed and looked at and observed with the help of a microscope. It is a test that helps check for diseases in your lymph.

It is performed in order to diagnose or to help your doctor look for any form of signs or symptoms of chronic infections, cancer or an immune disorder.

How Is Lymph Node Biopsy Performed?

While performing, your doctor may only take a tissue sample from the swollen lymph node or either remove the entire lymph node, after which the sample is sent to a lab.

There are three types of lymph node Biopsy, namely:

  • Sentinel Biopsy: This process is basically performed if you are diagnosed with cancer and in order for your doctor to see where your cancer might spread. In this process, the doctor may inject a blue dye, which may also be termed as a ‘tracer’, into your body near the cancer site. The dye then travels to the sentinel nodes, which are the first few lymph nodes into which the tumour drains, after which your doctor will remove the lymph node and send it over to the lab to check for cancer cells which helps the doctor recommend you medications etc.
  • Open Biopsy: In this process, either the entire or only a portion of the lymph node is removed. For this process, your doctor may make a small cut and remove the entire or a portion of the lymph node, after which the cut area is stitched and closed and dressed with bandages.
  • Needle Biopsy: In this process, only a small sample of cells of the lymph node is removed. For this procedure, your doctor may insert a fine needle into your lymph node in order to remove a sample of cells, and then go ahead and remove the needle and seal the area with a bandage. This process takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Lymph Node Biopsy?

There are a number of benefits of LymphNode Biopsy, some of which may include:

  • It helps to diagnose any form of chronic diseases or infections
  • It helps diagnose cancer
  • Removes uncertainty
  • It helps take early actions against the underlying diseases and treat them

What Are The Side Effects Of Lymph Node Biopsy?

A lymph node Biopsy is fairly safe surgery, however, as in all surgeries it may have a few side effects, which may include:

  • Numbness
  • Bleeding
  • Tenderness around the biopsy site
  • Infection
  • Swelling

Furthermore, you must be in constant contact with your doctor, so they can guide you and educate you on what is expected and what is not.

Who Are The Right Candidates For LymphNode Biopsy?

You must refer and ask yourself a number of relevant questions before a LymphNode Biopsy at Apollo Kondapur, which may include:

  • Will you be able to take time off of school or work in order to recover properly?
  • How will the cost of cornea transplant surgery affect your financial situation?

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Lymph Nodes help filter out damaged cells and cancer cells. Furthermore, Lymph nodes also produce and store immune system cells that attack and help destroy bacteria and other harmful substances in the fluid of the body.

Why do lymph nodes swell?

Lymph nodes can sometimes swell when they are trying to filter out harmful substances from an injury, infection or even cancer. However, nodes can also swell due to a common cold or even a bug bite.

How does cancer end up in lymph nodes?

When cancer cells break away from the tumour they can travel through the lymphatic system into the Lymph nodes or through the bloodstreams and invade or affect the organs or tissues in other areas. Cancer can start from the lymph nodes, as in lymphoma, or can travel to the lymph nodes through other areas.


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