Spine specialist in Kanpur

Who is a spine specialist?
The spine is the support structure of the body and plays a lot of roles in the body. Spine extends from the brain’s base to the closing end of the buttocks. It has a bundle of nerves and other tissues which are protected by the vertebrae of the spine.  The spinal cord works by sending messages from the brain to all parts of the body. Since spine acts as a support structure and also transmits messages across the body, it becomes an integral component in our body’s efficient working. Any damage caused to the spine can hamper your everyday life causing great discomfort, and in some cases, can also turn life-threatening. A spine specialist is a health professional who has specialized training in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions that affect the spine.

At Apollo Spectra, we have a team of the leading spine specialist in Kanpur, who have broad knowledge and practice in skilfully treating a number of spinal cord conditions.

When should you see a spine specialist?
Spine conditions can take a serious toll on your everyday life. The exhibit a wide range of symptoms, including-

  • Problems walking
  • Inability to move the arms or legs
  • Unconsciousness
  • A headache
  • Experiencing a spreading numbness or tingling in the limbs
  • Severe pain,  and stiffness in the back or neck area
  • An unnatural positioning of the head
  • Loss of control of the bladder or bowels
  • Signs of shock
What are some common spine conditions?
There is a wide range of conditions affecting the spine which may be caused by a number of different factors. At Apollo Spectra, our spine specialists diagnose and treat a great deal of spine-related conditions and provide them relief from the discomfort brought in by these conditions. Some common conditions that our spine specialists treat include-

  • Radiculopathy

It is a disease affecting the root of the nerve. The main cause of this disease is herniated disc, pinched nerve, a blow/injury to the spine or a tumor.

  • Lumbar disk disease

The lumbar spine is the lower part of the spine which is made of 5 vertebrae. These vertebrae are separated by discs of cartilage which work as cushions. Some conditions such as a degenerative condition or trauma to the lumbar spine can cause damage to these discs and cause the material in the spine to get into the spinal canal.

  • Sciatica

This is a condition of the lower spine which is caused by an irritated sciatic nerve. This could have a number of reasons such as spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, arthritis or a trauma or injury to the spine. Sciatica can cause discomforting pain and a feeling of tingling and numbness. It is mainly treated using medicines, physical therapy, sympathetic block, spinal fusion etc.

  • Spinal stenosis

It is a condition characterized by the narrowing of the spinal canal which causes pinched nerves. This condition can cause radiating pain and discomfort in back and legs. Conservative treatments are considered to be helpful in this condition.

  • Spondylolisthesis

This condition occurs when a vertebra slips on the vertebra below it. This can cause severe pain in the affected area. In most cases, physical therapy is employed as the major method of treating spondylolisthesis. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the back and reducing the pain caused by the condition

  • Arthritis of the spine

Arthritis of the spine is just as painful as any other types of arthritis. Besides causing severe pain, it can also lead to a loss of motion in the lower back or the pelvic region. While arthritis degeneration cannot be cured completely, there are a number of ways to treat it which can help in pain management and preventing loss of motion. At Apollo Spectra, our spine specialists suggest the best ways to manage arthritis and ensure a smooth lifestyle.

  • Scoliosis

It is a spine condition commonly witnessed in adolescents and children which causes the spine to curve sideways. This condition can range from being mild to serious in some cases. It is commonly treated with spinal fusion or physical therapy.

  • Degenerative disk disease

Most vertebrae are separated by flexible discs of cartilage that function as shock absorbers and help your spine to move. In older age,  disks in the spine often lose their height and ability to act as an effective cushion. This process is called disk degeneration. This can lead to instability and nerve compression causing pain and numbness.

At Apollo Spectra, our spine specialists perform a thorough examination to diagnose the above-mentioned conditions (and many more) and suggest the best treatment accordingly.

Why should you choose Apollo Spectra?
Apollo Spectra is the leading healthcare facility in the country. We have equipped a team of the top spine specialists in Kanpur, who are trained in providing an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and empathetic care to all their patients. They use the best diagnostic and treatment methods and stay updated with the advancements in medicine. Book an appointment now!