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Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is cancer that develops in the prostate gland of your body. It is a gland found in males. It produces a seminal fluid that transports or nourishes the sperms. It is one of the common types of cancer among men. This cancer can grow slowly and can spread to other parts of the body quickly.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland of a male. It begins very slowly in the prostate and remains confined to it. However, with time, it can grow and spread to the other parts.

It is caused when the cells in the prostate gland start growing abnormally. This gland is responsible for making fluids in semen.

What Are the Types of Prostate Cancer?

Adenocarcinomas: This type of prostate cancer is common. This cancer develops in the cells that are responsible for making prostate fluid, which is added to the semen.

Other types of prostate cancer include:

  • Sarcomas
  • Transitional cell carcinomas
  • Small cell carcinomas
  • Neuroendocrine tumors

These types of cancers are rare. Most males with prostate cancer suffer from adenocarcinoma.

What Are the Symptoms of Prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer usually shows no symptoms in the early stage. Symptoms of advanced prostate cancer include:

  • Blood in the semen
  • Discomfort and pain while urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of weight
  • Pain in the bones
  • Declining of force while urinating

What Are the Causes of Prostate Cancer?

Causes of prostate cancer include:

  • Prostate cancer can develop when the cells in the prostate gland develop some changes in their DNA. Due to this, the cells start to grow rapidly and continue living, beyond their normal age.
  • Accumulation of abnormal cells can form a tumor and can affect nearby tissues. Thus, the abnormal cells grow and spread to different parts of the body.

When to See a Doctor?

If you observe symptoms like blood in urine or semen or discomfort while urinating, you need prompt medical attention.

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What are the risk factors of prostate cancer?

  • Old age: People above the age of 50 are more prone to developing prostate cancer.
  • Hereditary conditions: If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you may be at a higher risk to get it.
  • Obesity: Overweight people have a high chance of prostate cancer.
  • Race: Reports say that black people have a greater risk of prostate cancer.

What Are the Treatments for Prostate Cancer?

Various treatments for prostate cancer are available at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, including -

  • Surgery -
    • Radical (open) prostatectomy: In this surgery, the entire prostate and the seminal vesicles are removed by your doctor. The lymph nodes may also be removed. This surgery can affect sexual functions.
    • Robotic or laparoscopic prostatectomy: During this procedure, your doctor will remove the prostate gland by making keyhole incisions in your abdomen.
    • Bilateral orchiectomy: During this procedure, the testicles are removed by your doctor.
    • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP): This surgery is mostly used to treat urinary blockage and not prostate cancer.
  • Therapy -
    • Radiation Therapy: In this therapy, high-energy rays are used to stop the abnormal growth of cells. There are three types of radiation therapy.
      • External-beam radiation therapy: This is the most common type of radiation therapy. Your doctor will use a machine outside your body to focus a beam of x-rays on the area affected by cancer.
      • Brachytherapy: It is a therapy in which radioactive sources are inserted directly into the prostate.
      • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy: In this therapy, high doses of radiation can be directed at the prostate without damaging the nearby organs.
    • Proton Therapy: Proton is used in this surgery instead of x-rays to destroy the cancer cells.


Prostate cancer affects the prostate gland in males. Old age is one of the most common reasons for prostate cancer.

It grows slowly and can affect other organs of your body. Your doctor may recommend surgery or therapy to treat prostate cancer.

1. Is prostate cancer dangerous?

Prostate cancer grows slowly and can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. It has the potential to damage other organs of your body.

2. Can prostate cancer be cured?

Yes, prostate cancer can be cured with surgery and radiation therapy.

3. Is prostate cancer genetic?

Yes, it can develop due to genetic factors. People with a family history of prostate cancer are at a greater risk of getting it.

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