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Medical Imaging and Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Medical imaging is the process of creating images of various interior body parts for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Medical imaging helps to image the internal structures of the body hidden by skin and bones. It incorporates several methods and processes to create images of the human body for diagnostic and treatment purposes. It plays a lead role in initiatives to improve the overall health of all populations.

What is the process of Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging explores the use of 3D image datasets of the human body, most commonly obtained from a Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner. It relies on waves or beams like radiation, magnetic fields, or sound waves to create an image. However, in the procedure, a machine passes wave signals through the affected part of your body. These beams are received either by a film or a computer which creates an image. The image shows the body in shades of black and white because different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation. Dense parts (such as bones or metals) show up as white, and the other parts of the body(such as muscles and fat) appear black.

What are the types of medical imaging in Kanpur?

Various types of medical imaging include:

  • Radiography- is the process that involves the use of electromagnetic radiation to create images of the inside of the body. The most common form of radiography is X-ray.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging- is the process that involves the use of radio waves and magnetic fields to create images of the organs and other structures in the body. It requires an MRI scanner, which is simply a large tube that contains an enormous circular magnet. It uses radio waves and creates an image.
  • Nuclear medicine- is the process that involves the use of radioactive tracers that are either injected into your body or swallowed. It travels through the digestive and circulatory systems. Then the radiation produced can be used to create images of those systems.
  • Ultrasound- is a process that involves the use of sound waves that get reflected off the tissue to create images of organs, muscles, joints, and other tissues.

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What are the benefits of Medical imaging?

Some benefits of Medical imaging include:

  • Better diagnosis- medical imaging aids doctors to better understand the complexities inside the human body and helps them make better decisions. The procedure is painless, non-invasive, and doesn't require surgery. Medical imaging can be a lifesaver in cases like breast cancer.
  • Economical- after identifying the cause, your doctor can make a better decision on further treatment. Once the cause is known, then surgeries may become useless. Treatment may require medication only and thus, reducing the cost.
  • Safe and effective- radiations involve minimal risk and are very effective compared to other medical procedures.
  • Early diagnosis- medical imaging helps doctors see a clear picture of what's happening inside a patient's body. A clear view enables a clear understanding of the condition. Medical imaging help doctors to accurately predict the possibility of you developing a disease such as cancer.


Medical imaging has majorly advanced health care over the years. Its use can accurately identify the causes of injuries, conditions, and disease in their first stages. Medical imaging plays a lead role in detecting any disease, especially when it is asymptomatic.

Why do I need medical imaging exam?

Without knowing the identity of the cause, your doctor can only relieve you from symptoms like pain and fever. You will come back to your doctor if the symptoms persist. It is when he will recommend a medical imaging diagnosis to understand the cause.

What will happen after my imaging exam?

After the imaging exam, you will have to wait till the radiologist is satisfied with the clarity of the images, orientation, and sharpness. After which you can go home. But, if given a sedative, you will have to wait till the effect of the sedative wears off.

How does a disease look like on a diagnostic image?

For example, if a person has a cartilage tear on his knee, an MRI image would show the tear as a white mark on the knee joint's surface. A healthy knee joint would appear completely black in an MRI image.


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