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Hand joint (small) replacement surgery

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Hand Joint Replacement Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Hand joint replacement surgery at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, is performed to replace the destroyed joint in the hand with a new artificial joint. The joint for hands replacement surgery is made up of silicon rubber or in some cases, the joint is made up of the patient’s own tissues.

Hand joint replacement surgery is a common procedure and it is performed by thousands of surgeons every year.

How is hand joint replacement surgery performed?

The surgery is performed when a patient is diagnosed with arthritis. X-rays and some tests at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, help in diagnosing the disorder. The patient is then admitted to the hospital on the same day of the surgery. The surgeon gives general anesthesia for numbness and preventing pain during the surgery.

Once the general anesthesia is given, the surgeon makes small incisions in the back of the hand and removes the destroyed joint from the hand. The surgery is performed by using some specific instruments. Once the destroyed joint is removed, the surgeon places the new artificial joint into the hand in place of the old destroyed joint. And the surgeon closes the incisions and dresses the wound with a plastic splint.

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Side effects of hand joint replacement surgery

As a surgical procedure, hand joint replacement comes with its side effects or risks. Some of the possible side effects or complications faced by the patients are:

  • The joint may get dislocated by the surgeon during the surgery
  • Experiences of stiffness or pain in the hand
  • Risk of infections
  • Formation of blood clots or occurrence of bleeding
  • Injury in the nerves may occur
  • Possibility of swelling in the fingers
  • Loosening of joints may occur

After the surgery

The hand of the patient will be dressed with a plastic splint. Local anesthesia may be given after the surgery to the patient for preventing pain in the hand. It will be advised for the patients to take painkillers before the anesthesia wears off.

It is advised to keep the level of the hand a little bit high for preventing swelling. In most cases, swelling or stiffness is experienced by the patients; it can be prevented by keeping the level of the hand above the level of the heart at least for the first 48 hours.

The hand therapist may advise further for practicing certain exercises and the dressing will be initially removed after few days. If redness or bleeding is spotted, then it is advised to contact the surgeon as soon as possible. It is advised to avoid the hand getting wet for two weeks after the surgery.

After the two weeks of the surgery, the surgeon may remove the stitches and the patient may get able to follow their day-to-day activities. After two weeks the patient will be able to regain full finger movements but the swelling may take 3 to 6 months for settling completely

Right candidates for hand joint replacement surgery

Eligibility for the procedure is very important for preventing further risks and complications. The ideal candidate for hand joint replacement surgery is:

  • People who will be able to take therapies along the surgery
  • People whose pain and stiffness are affecting their daily activities
  • People who have a strong bone structure

. How long does it take to recover after hand joint replacement surgery?

It takes approximately 2 weeks for the complete hand movements to be regained. Though, swelling may take around 5 to 6 weeks to heal completely.

Is physical therapy also required after the surgical procedure?

To regain proper motion of the hands and the finger, physical therapy is also required after the surgery.

In physical therapy, the therapist may advise practicing some exercises and will provide certain instructions and medications to make the recovery faster.

When is the hand joint replacement surgery needed?

The hand joint replacement surgery may be needed by the patient when there are severe problems in the hand due to any damage or flow of fluid from the hand followed by the pain, redness, or swelling that may affect the patient’s day-to-day activities. In those cases, it’s important to get treated through joint replacement surgery.


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