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Lumpectomy Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Lumpectomy is a surgery performed at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, to remove cancer cells and other affected tissues from the breast. In this process, only a small part of the affected breast is removed.

What Is A Lumpectomy?

It is a surgery performed by doctors to remove the affected lump from your breast. It is the best method to diagnose cancer cells at an early stage. A doctor can also take some part of healthy tissue during the process to make sure that the entire affected part has been removed.

Why is Lumpectomy Done?

A lumpectomy is done if -

  • Cancer affects one part of your breast, you may need a lumpectomy.
  • Your doctor is confident that enough tissue can be saved to reshape your breast after the removal of the tumor.
  • You have a history of diseases that make your skin and other tissues hard, such as scleroderma.
  • You have a history of chronic inflammatory disease such as lupus erythematosus, which can aggravate if you undergo radiation therapy.
  • You can complete the radiation therapy.

How To Prepare For Lumpectomy Surgery?

  • You will visit your doctor a few days before the surgery. Your doctor will give you instructions before surgery and tell you the other things that you should know. Tell your doctor about the medications that you have been taking so that nothing would interfere with the surgery.
  • Your doctor will ask you to stop taking blood-thinning medication a week before the surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  • You have to avoid eating or drinking at least 12 hours before surgery.
  • You have to bring someone with you to drive you home because it will take a few hours for the effects of anesthesia to wear off.

How is Lumpectomy Done?

Generally, lumpectomy is done at the outpatient unit. You can go back home the same day. It may take an hour to complete the entire surgery. The surgeon has to mark the cancer site before surgery. This can be done by placing a small chip by inserting a wire into the breast. This is done by a radiologist right before the surgery.

During lumpectomy surgery at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, the surgeon will carefully remove the tumor and some healthy cells from your breast tissue. The healthy cells are removed so that no cancer cells are left behind. The doctor will try his best to preserve your natural breast as much as possible. The surgeon will inject some pain medication to reduce the pain at the surgical site.

He will also place a marking clip into the site to help the oncologist determine where to focus the radiation.

What Are The Risks Associated With Lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy is a safe and effective procedure. It is not an invasive procedure. The complications of lumpectomy include infection, swelling, and bruising in your arm or hand. You can see changes in the appearance and shape of your breast after surgery. You may also feel a hard scar at the site of surgery. Sometimes, numbness at the site of the surgery may occur due to damage to the nerve.

When to Consult A Doctor after Lumpectomy?

If you have an infection near the incision site, you should consult with a doctor immediately. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should visit your doctor immediately:

  • Swelling
  • Fluid collected in or around the breast
  • Redness
  • Severe pain after surgery

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Lumpectomy is a procedure done to remove one small tumor from your breast and preserve the most breast tissue. Radiation therapy is done after the lumpectomy procedure.

1. Is it necessary to get radiation after lumpectomy?

Radiation therapy is necessary after lumpectomy to destroy any remaining cancer cells. This is a treatment protocol followed for women suffering from breast cancer. It helps in the treatment of cancer and preserving most tissue of the breast.

2. Can a lumpectomy be done with local anesthesia?

In most cases, lumpectomy is done using general anesthesia. Occasionally, the doctor may use moderate sedation and local anesthesia.

3. How much breast tissue will be removed?

The amount of breast tissue removal depends on the size of the tumor. In most cases, the doctor tries to preserve the breast tissue as much as he can so that the proper shape of your breast can be maintained.


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