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Neck Pain Treatment in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Neck pain is a common complaint. The neck is made up of small bones called vertebrae that connect the head to the spine. Neck pain may occur due to an injury, inflammation, or any other abnormality of the bones, ligaments, and muscles of your neck.

What Is Neck Pain?

Neck pain may cause stiffness in the neck. It may occur due to poor posture or overuse of the muscles. It may be caused due to an injury from a fall, sports, or whiplash. In most cases, it is not a dangerous condition and heals in a few days. But, in some cases neck pain may be serious and needs doctor consultation.

You should consult with an experienced medical health care professional for getting the best possible treatment for neck pain.

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What Are The Causes Of Neck Pain?

There are a myriad of causes. The most common causes of neck pain are:

Tension in the muscles

Tension or strain in the neck muscles can occur due to poor posture, working too long on a computer, sleeping in a poor posture, and jerking your neck while doing exercise.


Your neck can easily get injured during a sports activity, fall, or in a car accident. The injury occurs when the muscles and ligaments are forced to move out of the normal range of motion. Sometimes a neck bone gets fractured and this also damages the spinal cord.

Heart attack

Neck pain can also occur during a heart attack. But, other symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating, pain in the arm, and vomiting may also be present along with neck pain. If you experience neck pain and other symptoms of a heart attack, you should immediately seek medical care.


Meningitis is the inflammation of a membrane around the brain and spinal cord. People suffering from meningitis complain of fever, headache, and stiffness of the neck. It is an emergency and you should consult with a doctor immediately.

Other causes of neck pain

Rheumatoid arthritis: It causes pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints. If neck bones are affected, neck pain may occur.

Osteoporosis: It causes weakness of bones and can lead to fractures. Usually, it happens in the hands and knees but can happen in the neck as well.

Fibromyalgia: It is a condition in which muscle pain occurs throughout the body. The neck and shoulder regions are most affected.

In rare cases, neck pain may occur due to infections, congenital abnormalities, tumors, and abscesses.

When To Consult With A Doctor?

If neck pain persists for more than two weeks, you should consult with a doctor. You should visit a doctor if you have severe neck pain without any cause, lump in your neck, headache, swelling around the neck, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, nausea, fever, numbness, tingling, pain radiating down your arms and legs, difficulty in moving your arms and hands, and difficulty in touching your chin to your chest.

What Are The Treatment Options For Neck Pain?

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, your doctor will take your complete medical history. He will also perform a physical examination. Tell your doctor about your symptoms. Also, tell the medications or other treatments you have taken so far.

You should tell the doctor about recent injuries or accidents you had.

Treatment for neck pain varies. It depends on the diagnosis. Your doctor may ask for some tests such as blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, electromyography, or lumbar puncture.


Neck pain can interfere with your daily living activities. If you do not get relief within a week or so, consult with a doctor. Ignoring neck pain for a long time can cause serious complications.

1. Do I need surgery for my neck pain?

Most cases of neck pain respond well to non-surgical treatments. So, surgery is seldom needed. Surgery is the last option unless neck pain is caused due to acute disc herniation.

2. How can I avoid neck pain?

You can do regular exercise and make lifestyle adjustments to deal with postural problems. Regular spinal screening is important to keep your neck alignment in proper shape.

3. Which is the best pillow for reducing neck pain?

You should use a soft pillow if sleeping on the back and a tall pillow that fills up space between your head and the best if sleeping on the sides.


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