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Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. It is a procedure performed at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure is done by surgically implanting breast implants under your breast skin resulting in a change in appearance and increasing the size.

Every year around 80,000 women go through breast augmentation surgery to change the appearance of their breasts and have been seen living their life with no complications.

Why is breast augmentation done?

Breast augmentation is a surgery where breast implants are placed under the muscles and tissues of your breast. This procedure of enhancing the appearance and size of your breasts is a way for most women to increase their confidence in themselves.

Many women go through breast augmentation to correct any defect caused due to any severe medical complication. In advanced-stage breast cancer, many women have to go through mastectomy (removing breast tissues) to reduce the increase of tumor cells to other parts of the body. In such cases, breast augmentation is a way to increase confidence and to overcome the defect caused due to illness.

Breast augmentation surgery can help you in various conditions like: -

  • It is a great way to change the appearance of your breasts enhancing your appearance and confidence. Many women feel that their breasts are too small according to their body structure or one is smaller than the other and it is reflected when you dress up. If you feel that the size of your breast and uneven breasts are noticed easily and breast implants can make their appearance better, you can go for breast augmentation surgery.
  • During pregnancy, the size of your breasts decreases and may appear uneven as compared to your body structure or a sudden weight loss makes your breasts unevenly decrease the size. In such cases, you can go for breast augmentation surgery to adjust the sudden reduction in your breasts size.
  • There are many surgeries you may go for due to many medical complications. As a result, your breasts are structured unevenly and may reduce your confidence as the unevenness is noticed easily. In such conditions, you can go for this surgery to make both of your breasts even. It can change the appearance of your breasts permanently.

You need to have a proper conversation about the need and motivation for breast augmentation surgery with your doctor. According to your goals with the surgery, your doctor will guide you about the surgery and how you can prepare yourself for it.

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What are the risks associated with breast augmentation surgery?

Like any other major surgery, breast augmentation surgery also has some common risks associated with it. These risks include: -

  • Tissue scars can occur that can affect and disturbs the shape of the breast implants placed near the tissues and muscles of the breast.
  • You can witness breast pain as the surgery will take time to heal and your body to adapt to the changes made.
  • Getting an infection is very common in such surgeries. Your body is susceptible to the external environment and bacteria in the environment can affect your body developing infections. In some cases, the body doesn’t accept the changes made and result in infections.
  • You may also feel the change in sensations around your breast and nipple.
  • The breast implants that are placed under your breast tissues can change their position sometimes.
  • There is a chance for the breast implants to get ruptured in the body and leakage can be caused due to it.

You may have to go through additional surgery if you face these complications.

How to prepare yourself for the surgery?

You need to first prepare yourself before the surgery. It is advised to consult with your doctor about the needs and expectations you have from the surgery and what your concerns are.

Your doctor will perform some tests to identify whether you are fit for the surgery or not. You are advised to avoid alcohol and smoking for a few weeks before and after surgery. As you will feel breast pain after the surgery for some time, it is advised to take leave for a few weeks so you can recover well. It is also advised to share your medical history with your doctor so he or she can examine your health well.


Breast augmentation surgery is beneficial for many women who lack confidence due to the uneven appearance of their breasts. Many specialized doctors perform the surgery successfully.

You need to have a conversation with your doctor and he will guide you about the surgery according to your need.

1. How breast implants are made?

Breast implants are mainly of 2 types- Silicone and Saline. Both the implants have a silicone lining whereas saline implants are filled with saltwater and supple gel.

2. How can I decide the right size of implants?

There are different levels of Cubic Centimeters (CCS) through which you can determine your breast area and can choose the size of implants. Discussing with your surgeon can help you more with choosing the best size of implants for you.


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