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Medical Admission

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Medical Admission Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Medical Admission

Medical admission in any hospital requires you to go through several steps. These steps are simple to understand and perform and if at all any issues or confusion arises, there is help available, both virtually and in person. You may have to procure a medical admission in case of several ailments. It may be an emergency or a regular case, or any surgical procedure recommended by a doctor.

What is the process of medical admission at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur?

The process of medical admission may require you to follow a series of steps:

- You may book an appointment or emergency room through the customer care numbers that may be available at the hospital website.

- If the condition asks for the patient to be carried through an ambulance, you may have to contact the hospital. Otherwise, when you reach the hospital, the first step to take is to reach the reception and consult the receptionists, nurses, or doctors available at the site regarding the condition or problem that brought you to seek medical admission.

- You may be asked to show your medical record, if any, and an identity card. While the ideal room as asked by the patient or as the situation requires is being set up, you may be asked to fill certain inpatient forms.

- These forms may also contain an agreement that may give you an idea as to how much the treatment and hospital services would cost. This agreement does not include the doctor’s fee.

- While taking an estimate, you mustn’t leave the entire worry on the insurance, if you hold a health insurance policy. At the time of discharge, you will have to pay the entire amount by yourself and the hospital can claim the amount charged from the insurance company. Thereafter, the amount paid by you will be reimbursed once the hospital receives the money from the insurance company.

- You shall also be asked regarding the mode of payment. There may be various modes available and you can choose according to your convenience.

- In case of surgery, you may also need to undergo certain pre-assigned tests. These may include blood tests, x-rays, and the like.

- By the time you complete the formalities, your room should be ready.

- You need to be aware that the room availability may vary according to the emergency entries and delayed discharges. If your preferred room is not available at the moment, you may be adjusted with the next best available and you shall be shifted to the preferred room as soon as one becomes available.

- After the treatment, you may have to stay at the hospital for a little while longer under observation, while the hospital prepares for the discharge facilities. The bill, medication, and other documents are prepared.

- At the time of discharge, you will be free to go home once the complete payment process has been performed.

- It is suggested that you take a relative or friend with you for physical and mental support. It is always better to have company while staying at the hospital. In case you get admitted to the hospital for a treatment or surgery that may require you to stay at the hospital for a few days, it stands at utmost importance that somebody is there to accompany you and stay the nights.

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What is the purpose of a medical admission?

The reason for a person seeking medical admission may be either positive or negative. The positive purpose may include admission to the hospital for having a baby, while the negative purpose may be exemplified by cases of emergency admission after an injury or accident.

What is medical pre-admission?

Medical pre-admission may require you to undergo certain tests, that may require you to visit the hospital physically or could be done over the phone. These are performed to ensure that you are eligible for the asked treatment.

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