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Wrist Replacement Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Wrist replacement is not very common like other replacement surgeries for your shoulder, knee, or hip. Many people have arthritis in the hip, shoulder, and knee and go for their replacement surgeries.

If you have arthritis in the fingers and wrist, your doctor will suggest you go for wrist replacement surgery. At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, in this procedure, the damaged cartilage, bone, or the whole wrist is replaced with the artificial components that fit your wrist and make it work.

Why is the procedure of wrist replacement done?

Joints associated with your wrist are more complex than joints present around the hip area and in your shoulder. If you face damage in your wrist during an accident or fall, or pain in wrist joints due to arthritis, you can go for wrist replacement surgery.

The cartilage in your wrist joints get damaged or worn off due to an infection of medical disease, the bones of your fingers will get rubbed against each other and tears will occur, causing pain in your wrist.

Two types of arthritis that affect your joints are: -

  • Osteoarthritis- In this type of arthritis, the pain starts with gradual wear and tear of your bones against each other due to damage in your cartilage in the wrist joints. The cartilage in this case wears gradually causing pain in your joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis- This type of arthritis is more fatal and chronic. It causes severe pain in your joints accompanied by stiffness and swelling or inflammation also. Rheumatoid arthritis affects both the left as well as the right side of your body affecting several joints of your body.

In both types of arthritis, you may feel the loss of strength in your wrist and will find it difficult to hold heavy objects because of the pain and low strength.

What is the procedure for wrist replacement?

There are other procedures linked to wrist replacement surgery to correct deformities or disorders of your tendons, nerves, or your fingers.

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, the procedure starts by providing you anesthesia so that you don’t feel the pain during the surgery and remain comfortable the whole time. Anesthesia numbs the area and helps you to avoid feeling sensations.

After providing anesthesia, your doctor will make a small incision at the back of your wrist and according to the damage that happens to your lower arm bone of carpel, your bone or the part of the bone is removed from your wrist area. After the removal of the damaged part, the radial component of the prosthesis is inserted within your wrist towards the center of the radius bone on the outside of your lower arm.

According to the component design that needs to be maintained to lower the pain and increase mobility and functioning, the carpel components are inserted and screwed well in the carpal bones row.

Bone cement is used to hold the screwed carpel components in pace without shifting or sliding. A spacer of an appropriate size to the arm and carpel components are used to fix the components in place. In some cases, carpal bones are fused to provide extra support to the carpel components.

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What are the risks associated with the surgery?

Like any other major surgery, wrist replacement surgery is a very complex and complicated surgery. There are several nerves and bones attached for proper functioning.

During or after the surgery, some common risks can occur if not taken care of properly. These risks include: -

  • There is a chance for you to develop an infection after wrist replacement surgery. Some patients get an infection in the hospital itself may be due to their body’s reaction or after getting discharged due to the external environment.
  • Loosening of artificial joints placed in your wrist. There are cases where the carpel components are not screwed properly and result in loosening.
  • You can face injuries of your nerves during the surgical procedure. There are many nerves and blood vessels present around your wrist and there is a chance for you to develop nerve damage during the procedure.


Wrist replacement is a complex surgery. It needs specialized doctors to perform the surgical treatment successfully. Many people who suffer pain due to arthritis go for wrist replacement surgery.

If you feel pain or swelling in your wrist and fingers, it is advised to visit your doctor. He or she will perform necessary check-ups and will suggest to you the best way to treat your medical complication.

1. What is the recovery period after a successful wrist replacement surgery?

The whole procedure of wrist replacement is for one to two hours. After the procedure, your doctor will keep you under monitoring for a few days after that you can take discharge. You will be guided with precautionary steps you must follow for a few months for better recovery.

2. How to take care of my wrist after getting discharged from the hospital?

After the successful surgery, your doctor will cover your wrist with a bandage. You must keep your bandage dry. Try to keep your wrist in motion to avoid stiffness and swelling and visit your doctor for regular check-ups to avoid any complications.


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