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Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery

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Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a common problem faced by a lot of people. A sedentary lifestyle and excessive amounts of fatty food are the root causes of obesity. An excessive amount of weight will affect the quality of your life. It may trigger other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, and heart problems. It is necessary to get the right treatments done to reduce excess weight, especially if you are overweight or obese and have other weight-related medical problems. Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery is a surgery done at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, to reduce your weight. This surgery is recommended for those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or above and have tried to lose weight by other methods but failed.

How is Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery performed?

Endoscopic suturing is used in this surgery to reduce the size of your stomach.

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, endoscopic bariatric surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. During the surgical procedure, your surgeon will insert an endoscope fixed with a camera and an endoscopic suturing device down your throat, into the stomach. This will allow your surgeon to see inside your stomach and operate. An incision in the abdomen is not made during this surgery.

After inserting the endoscope down your throat into the stomach, your doctor will place 12 sutures in your stomach. These sutures will help to change the structure of your abdomen. The sutures shape your stomach like a tube. This tube-shaped stomach will reduce the calorie intake in your body. It will also limit the amount of food you consume.

This surgical procedure usually takes about 90 minutes. After the surgery, you will not be allowed to eat for 7 or 8 hours. After 8 hours of the surgery, your doctor will recommend you to follow a liquid diet for a week. After two weeks, you will be allowed to have solid food.

What are the Benefits of Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

The benefits of endoscopic bariatric surgery in Kanpur include:

  • It will help you to reduce weight.
  • It will help you reduce calorie intake in your body.
  • It will restrict the amount of food you take.
  • It will decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • It is highly beneficial for high blood pressure patients.
  • It will treat severe sleep apnea.
  • It is beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes.

What are the side effects of Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

The side effects of Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery include:

  • You may experience pain for several days after the surgery.
  • Nausea may occur after the procedure.
  • You may face complications from the anaesthesia.
  • You may experience bowel problems for a few days after the surgery.
  • Lung and breathing problems can also occur after the surgery.
  • An infection may occur near your abdomen.
  • You may experience bleeding from the surgical site.

How to prepare for Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

  • You should not be less than 18 years old.
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 30 or higher.
  • If you are pregnant, you should inform your doctor.
  • You should tell your doctor about the medications you are taking.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol before the procedure.
  • Do not smoke before the surgery.
  • Medications such as blood thinners should be avoided.
  • If you are taking painkillers or other antibiotics, inform your doctor immediately.
  • You should not eat food or drink water before the surgery.
  • If you are a patient with diabetes or high blood pressure, it is necessary to inform your doctor beforehand.

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1. Is endoscopic bariatric surgery painful?

Endoscopic Bariatric surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, hence, the patient would be in a state of deep sleep and wouldn’t feel anything during surgery. However, they may feel pain and discomfort after the surgery.

2. Can endoscopic bariatric surgery reduce weight?

Yes, this surgery is usually performed to reduce your weight. It restricts the calorie intake in your body.

3. Is endoscopic bariatric surgery safe?

Yes, this surgery is safe as it is performed under expert supervision and has positive results.


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