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General Medicine

General medicine is a branch of medicine where doctors deal with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs. General medicine deals with the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a huge spectrum of diseases that affect your body.Doctors who specialize in general or internal medicine are called physicians.

If you are suffering from any chronic illness and your doctor cannot identify the symptoms, you should immediately consult general medicine doctors in Kanpur. If your family physician cannot identify or treat the symptoms of your ailment, he/she might refer you to a specialist.

What are the symptoms/conditions treated by general medicine?

You should visit general medicine doctors near you if you experience the following symptoms:

  • If you have a persistent fever: If you have a persistent fever with a temperature higher than 103 degree F, you should contact a general physician.
  • If you have severe cough: If your cough lasts for more than two weeks, you should consult a general physician. If your cold is accompanied by fever, severe congestion, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms, general medicine is the only option.
  • If you have abdominal, chest or pelvic pain: Intense and persistent abdominal, pelvic or chest pain might indicate serious ailments such as a heart attack, gallstones, appendicitis or pelvic kidney infections. Therefore, you should immediately consult your general physician if you experience any kind of intense pain.
  • If you feel tired quite often: You should consult a general medicine hospital near you if you feel an excessive lack of energy. Fatigue might indicate you have an underactive thyroid or anaemia.

Responsibilities of general medicine doctors

  • Diagnosing and treating all kinds of health problems and referring patients to specialists if the need arises
  • Assisting and advising in-patients who are under the treatment of other specialists
  • Taking care of patients with critical illnesses
  • Care of patients of all ages with general and preventive medicines
  • Diagnosis and treatment of asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases and hypertension, among other diseases
  • Immunizations, health counselling and sports physicals
  • Review of patients before surgery. They assist surgeons in postoperative care or medical complications.

When do you need to see a doctor?

You should consult general medicine doctors near you for the following conditions:

  • It is very important to check high BP on time, otherwise prolonged high BP could lead to heart attack and renal failure.
  • Prolonged diabetes can lead to many other critical illnesses or even organ failure. Abnormal sugar levels can lead to an imbalance in insulin hormone production.
  • Persistent fatigue or lethargy might mean you are suffering from underactive thyroid, diabetes, anaemia, sleeping trouble or even depression.

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What are the treatment options involving general medicine?

You should consult general medicine doctors in Kanpur for treating the following conditions:

  • Diagnosis, risk assessment and treatment of chronic and internal diseases
  • Treatment of respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, asthma and other pulmonary complications
  • Treating transmissible diseases such as TB and typhoid
  • Treating common ailments such as fever, sore throats, flu, urinary tract infections, headaches, ear infections, allergies and hepatitis
  • Treatment of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, high cholesterol, high lipid profile and high triglyceride
  • Management of lifestyle diseases such as high diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases
  • Medical management of geriatric patients
  • For management and guidance of patients undergoing surgery


General medicine focuses on your overall health, both physical and mental. A general physician will guide you in all non-surgical matters related to your health. A general medicine doctor is highly knowledgeable in all branches of medicine but they do not conduct surgeries. Your general medicine doctor will refer you to a specialist if your symptoms do not fall under his/her spectrum of knowledge.

Can general medicine doctors treat children?

General medicine doctors are mostly trained to treat adult patients. But sometimes they may be trained to treat teenagers as well.

What does a general medicine doctor do?

A general medicine doctor is trained to treat general medical conditions and also perform routine tests to diagnose diseases. They focus on your overall health. A general medicine doctor will refer you to a specialist if the disease falls beyond his/her field of knowledge.

What is the qualification of a general physician?

A general medicine doctor will have an MBBS course and a postgraduate (MD) course in generic medicines. After completion of both the courses, a general physician may join primary health centres, hospitals or nursing homes.

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