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Best Audiometry Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Loss of hearing is an age-related problem but can occur at any age. The extent of loss of hearing can be detected by a test called audiometry.

What is Audiometry?

Audiometry is a test performed at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, to test your hearing abilities. It helps to test the severity of hearing loss, different pitches of sounds that you can hear, and other problems related to the normal functioning of the ears. An audiologist will diagnose your hearing loss and its severity.

The ear of a healthy person can hear very feeble sounds. The minimum range of sound is 20dB and the maximum range up to which a human ear can tolerate the sound is 140-180 dB. The unit for measuring the tone of a sound is Hertz.

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What are the Causes of Hearing Loss?

The main causes of hearing loss are:

  • Hearing loss may occur in infants due to birth defects.
  • A chronic ear infection can also cause loss of hearing.
  • Some inherited conditions are also responsible for hearing loss and do not allow proper functioning of the internal ear.
  • Partial or total hearing loss may occur if a part of the ear gets injured.
  • Diseases of the inner ear can also affect the function of the ear.
  • Continuous exposure to high pitch noises affects hearing and can cause hearing loss.
  • A ruptured eardrum can also cause hearing loss.

How To Prepare For Audiometry?

You do not have to follow any special instructions for the test. You should reach on time and follow the guidelines given by your doctor.

Patients should be attentive when the procedure is being performed. Other things to follow before the test are:

  • Clean your ears well, two or three days before the test.
  • Do not expose your ears to loud noises a day before the test.
  • Make sure you do not have a cold or flu.

Why Is Audiometry Done?

  • An audiometry test in Kanpur is performed to determine how well you can hear. The test is done during routine screening or after noticeable hearing loss.
  • A tone test is performed to measure the least amount of sound you can hear at different levels. The doctor will use a machine to play different sounds through headphones. He will play sounds at different pitches and at different times. He will repeat the procedure for both ears. It helps to determine the range of your hearing. The doctor will tell you some precautions before the test and will ask you to raise your hand as soon as you receive the sound in your ear.
  • Another test helps to assess how well you can differentiate speech from other noises. He will play a sample of sound for you and will ask you to repeat the words that you hear. Recognition of words helps in finding the severity of loss of hearing.
  • A tuning fork can also help determine your hearing loss. The doctor will keep a device made of metal behind the ear bone to check the transmission of vibrations that pass through your ear.

What Are The Risks Of Audiometry?

Audiometry is a safe procedure and there are no risks associated with it.


Audiometry is an evaluation test. It is a non-invasive procedure that helps in assessing the hearing ability of a person. It helps in diagnosing the severity of hearing loss and choosing the right treatment plan.

1. How long will it take to perform audiometry?

It is a painless procedure and may take about half an hour to one hour. The time duration depends on the type of audiometry done for your specific case.

2. How will my doctor determine if I have mild or severe hearing loss?

If you find it difficult to hear the words said by other people or you have trouble hearing them in a crowded or noisy place, you should go for an audiometry procedure. It will help the doctor determine the severity of your hearing loss.

3. Will I need to use a hearing aid?

If you have been diagnosed with significant hearing loss, your doctor will ask you to use a hearing aid. You can use a hearing aid in one ear and this can improve the functioning of both ears. It will help to prevent further loss of hearing.


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