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RECONSTRUCTIVE PLASTIC SURGERIES Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur


Surgeons perform reconstructive surgeries on individuals who are dissatisfied with their deformed and malformed body structures. These malformations occur due to deformation at birth, disease, or medical conditions. Surgeons help to restore these to normalcy.

What is the meaning of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Doctors perform Reconstructive Plastic Surgery to restore facial and body disfigurements caused by birth blemishes, injury, disease, etc. At times, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery aims to enhance the functioning of the human body. However, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery can also be done to give abnormal structures, a normal appearance, and improve self-esteem. These surgeries might also be called cosmetic surgeries.

When to see a doctor for reconstructive plastic surgery?

When you see a physical deformity and want to do something about it, you see a plastic surgeon at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur. Your general physician should refer you to them. You need to look for the right trained and licensed surgeon if you want a change in your look.

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Who should consider Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

There are two types of people who should consider Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, they are:

  • People with birth blemishes- may include cleft lip, craniofacial anomalies, or hand deformities.
  • People who have malformations- this group includes all those people who have met with an accident, have developed some infection, or are aged.

What are the complications linked with Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Just like any other surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery also has its complications. The time needed for recovery after reconstructive plastic surgery varies for different individuals. Risks and complications associated with Reconstructive Plastic Surgery include:

  • Excess bleeding
  • Infection at surgery site
  • Surgery complications
  • Anesthetic problems
  • A problem in wound healing

There may be other surgical complications depending on your medical condition. Discuss all the queries and concerns with your doctor before the procedure.

What are the benefits of getting Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Besides improving your appearance, other benefits from Reconstructive Plastic Surgery are:

  • Lifts self-confidence- you automatically feel good when you look good. Your look affects your mood. You feel positive and confident when you are satisfied and content with your physical appearance. Before the surgery, most people are lack confidence due to their physical appearance and remain conscious about it. After the surgery, they get the desired look. Then their self-esteem lifts gradually.
  • Positive mental health- when you get the desired look after the surgery, there is an increase in positivity and mental health. People often tend to hide themselves away when they are self-conscious about a part of their body or their overall appearance. After correcting a deformity that the individual had been anxious about, he will regain his self-esteem.
  • Invitation for more opportunities- People are bound to be more confident when they feel attractive and comfortable being who they are. When people are more physically attractive, they find more opportunities in the marketing field.


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is a life-changing decision. Therefore, a lot of factors are to be taken into consideration before you decide on the surgery. You need to understand your wants and expectations. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery plays a significant role in one's lifestyle and boosts self-esteem and receding confidence. So, understanding the procedure related to plastic surgery and having realistic expectations are crucial. You must consult an experienced and right licensed surgeon.

Why is reconstructive plastic surgery called Plastic Surgery?

The word plastic stems from the Greek word ”plastikos”, which essentially means shape or form. Therefore, the phrase Reconstructive Plastic Surgery indicates the restoration of the structure of the human body.

What to check in a reconstructive plastic surgeon?

The credentials of the plastic surgeon are crucial. You should consult a board-certified surgeon who has completed a residency training program in plastic surgery. This program includes 2-3 years of intensive training in the full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Does undergoing Reconstructive Plastic Surgery hurt?

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery will include discomfort and soreness during the healing process. You may also feel fatigued during the first few days after the surgery. The extent of soreness varies for each individual and the nature of your procedure.

Will I still look like myself after the surgery?

Doctors practice Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries to enhance and beautify your already existing features and make you look like a different person. It is to help reveal the best version of yourself.

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