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Health Checkup Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Health Checkup

Your lifestyle has changed adversely in recent times. Lifestyles and eating habits have also changed with time. These changes in your lifestyle, eating habits, and environment have a huge and direct impact on your health. The body reacts to different stimuli and its surrounding environment to protect you and your internal organs.

These changes can cause severe and chronic changes in your body that may or may not be detected. Many of the disorders or the complications that you may develop have signs and symptoms associated with themselves. These symptoms help to detect the cause and diagnosis.

Some chronic disorders are also there like cancer of the breast that does not have any symptoms of illness in the early stages. At later stages, the treatment gets complicated as the tumor cells have increased by then. Sometimes, it may not be treated by any method and lead to death.

To avoid fatal conditions, you need to go for regular check-ups in Kanpur, with your doctor so that if you face any medical problem or issue, your doctor can detect it and you can be treated at the early stage only.

What is the need for regular health checkups?

Many medical conditions don’t reveal the symptoms that you can look for in the early stage. As a result, the issue is left untreated for a long time till it gets worse. It can become fatal to your health in advanced stages where the treatment will not work.

There comes the need for your regular health checkups. You should go for it, even if you feel that you are fit. Regular health checkups can help you save yourself from unwanted disorders and chronic diseases.

You need to go for regular health checkups to help your doctor monitor your medical history well, in case you develop any fatal disorder.

Medical history plays an important role when you are being diagnosed. Regular health checkups can help you maintain a healthy medical history, keeping illness and diseases away from yourself.

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What are the types of checkups that come under Health Checkups?

Regular medical health checkup includes several tests that assess your body’s different parts to know any kind of defect in any part of your body. These medical tests include: -

  • Checking of weight and height to check your Body Mass Index (BMI) to study the body fat percentage in your body.
  • A blood sugar test is also done to check the amount of insulin that is being prepared in your body and whether the insulin is reacting properly with your body cells or not.
  • Blood Count is also done to check whether the proper amount of White Blood Cells (WBCs) and Red Blood Cells (RBCs) along with platelets are forming in the right number in your body or not.
  • A urine test is done to check for any disorders related to your urinary tract that can develop due to the short space between the vaginal opening and the anal opening which becomes the way of transmitting infections in your urinary tract.
  • A cholesterol test is also done while you go for a general health checkup. It tells you about the amount of glucose being formed in your body and whether it is reacting with your cells properly or not. A diabetic patient needs to keep their cholesterol and sugar levels down.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) is done to check your heartbeat rates and to look for heart-related diseases and disorders to avoid cardiac attack at any stage of your life.


Health checkups are a must to keep all fatal and chronic diseases away from you. If you go for regular health checkups, you can detect any symptoms of a severe disease that may occur and have no signs of it in the early stage.

1. What if I have been diagnosed with cancer during my regular health checkups?

You need not worry about the medical complication you have been diagnosed with. You must be happy that you have detected a severe condition in the early stage that doesn’t show any symptoms in its early stage. You should consult your doctor and he or she will suggest you the best treatment process.

2. Is there a benefit for health checkups in long run?

There is a huge advantage if you go for regular medical health checkups. Health checkups help you to maintain your health and stay fit. If you face any acute issue like an increase in BMI or blood sugar levels than normal, you can have some changes in your lifestyle to maintain your health.


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