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Liposuction Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat from the body.

This procedure is often performed on certain parts of the body such as hips, thighs, buttocks, belly, back or, arm for removing excess fat.

Who is the Right candidate for Liposuction in Kanpur?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure and it has its risks and benefits. So it is important to look for eligibility criteria before applying for liposuction.

  • The people who don’t smoke are eligible
  • The individual should have firm or elastic skin
  • The people who are over the age of 18
  • The individual should be healthy

Procedure to be followed before the surgery

  • Step1: Request an appointment with a surgeon
  • Step2: Talk about the risks, the options, the goals, the cost, and the benefits with the surgeon. Clear all of the questions.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions given by the surgeon for the preparation of surgery.
  • Step 4: Talk with the surgeon about the medical history, allergies, or any certain medications and treatments taken before.
  • Step 5: The surgeon may recommend certain painkillers before the surgery. Follow all the instructions given by the surgeon.

During the surgery

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, during liposuction, the excess fat is removed by a thin hollow cannula that is inserted through the incisions. Then the excess fat is removed from the body with a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula.

Risks factors of liposuction

Like any other major surgery, liposuction comes with its own risk, here are some common risk factors for liposuction:

  • Infection: in rare cases, liposuction may cause skin infection.
  • Fluid accumulation: the skin may get affected by temporary pockets of fluid after liposuction that had to be drained out with a needle.
  • Contour irregularities: after surgery, the skin may appear wavy or unstructured due to unusual healing or uneven fat removal, and these changes in the skin may become permanent.
  • Numbness: temporary numbness can be felt after the surgery in the affected area. It is also possible that the numbness may get permanent.
  • Internal puncture: in some rare cases, during the surgery, a cannula may puncture an internal organ. This may require immediate treatment.
  • Fat embolism: sometimes, small pieces of fat may break during the surgery and the pieces of fat may get trapped in a blood vessel. Such cases require immediate surgical treatment.
  • Kidney and heart problems: when the fluids are being injected then there is a possibility of a shift in fluid levels, this may majorly affect the kidney, heart, and it can also create problems in the lungs.
  • Lidocaine: Lidocaine is a form of anesthetic that is injected during liposuction to prevent pain. In rare cases, lidocaine can cause severe heart and nervous system problems

The risk and complications of liposuction can also depend on the part where the surgery will take place and the amount of excess fat to be removed. It is important to consult the risk and complications of liposuction with your doctor before the surgery.

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Benefits of liposuction

Here are some common benefits of liposuction

  • The patient may look more proportional after removing the excess fat.
  • Increase in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Weight loss satisfaction

Every individual has their own goal and so the benefit of liposuction may vary from person to person depending upon their set of goals.

After the surgery

After the surgery the patient may have:

  • Swelling after the surgery (it will subside within a few weeks)
  • The treated area may have a leaner appearance.
  • Weight gain after liposuction may change the weight distribution in the body.

How long is the recovery time?

According to studies, most people return to their daily activities within 2 weeks of the surgery. But it depends on the care being taken after the surgery such as wearing a compression garment to avoid swelling, taking the painkillers and medicines prescribed by the surgeon.

Are the results temporary or permanent?

The results of liposuction are always permanent. The cells that contain fat are removed during the surgery. Though, you can gain weight again in other areas of your body. Follow a diet including proteins and vitamins as a precaution.

Is their pain or discomfort after liposuction?

The pain or discomfort depends on the type and amount of anesthesia. In most cases, the pain can be felt till two days after the surgery.


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