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Sport Injuries Treatment in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

A sports injury can occur while exercising or taking part in a sports activity. Children are more prone to sports injuries, but adults can also get them.

What Is A Sports Injury?

A sports injury is an injury that can occur when taking part in an exercise or a sports activity. An injury may occur due to overstraining, lack of warm-up exercise, and using improper technique. Sports injuries can result in bruises, sprains, broken bones, strains, and tears.

What Are The Types Of Sports Injuries?

There are different types of sports injuries. Every sports injury will produce different signs and symptoms. The common sports injuries are:

Sprains: It occurs when there is an overstretching or tearing of ligaments. Ligaments are tissues that form a connection between two bones.

Strains: This injury is caused due to overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. Tendons connect bone to muscle.

Knee injuries: A sports injury can affect the normal movement of your knee. It could be due to an overstretching or a tear in the muscle or tissues in the knee.

Muscle swelling: The swelling of a muscle is a common symptom of a sports injury. It may cause pain and weakness in the affected muscle.

Achilles tendon rupture: It is a common sports injury. During exercise, the tendon can get rupture which causes severe pain, and difficulty in walking.

Fractures: Fractures are common in which bones get broken.

Dislocations: A bone may get dislocated from its original place and can cause pain and swelling of the affected bone.

Rotator cuff injury: An injury to the shoulder can result in rotator cuff injury.

What Is The Treatment For A Sports Injury in Kanpur?

The most strategy used for sports injuries treatment includes:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

It is used for most sports injuries. This method works within 24-36 hours after the injury. This method helps in reducing initial pain and swelling after a sports injury.

If your injury looks complicated and severe schedule an appointment with a doctor.

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How To Diagnose A Sports Injury in Kanpur?

A sports injury will cause pain and discomfort. A sports injury can be diagnosed during a physical examination. A doctor can diagnose your sports injury in the following way:

Physical examination: The doctor will try to move the injured part. This will help him to see the range of motion of the affected part.

Medical history: The doctor will ask you questions about your injury. He will ask you what you have done after the injury or what were you doing when got injured.

Tests: The doctor may order X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds for a definite diagnosis of the injury. It will help the doctor to see inside the body and will help to confirm a diagnosis.

How Sports Injuries Can Be Prevented?

You can prevent sports injuries in the following ways:

You should warm up properly and start before beginning any sports activity.

Use the right technique while doing a sports activity. Different types of exercise need different stances and postures.

Use the proper equipment while exercising. Wear comfortable and right shoes; wear shin pads, headgear, or other equipment if you are doing any such physical activity.

Avoid overdoing your muscles as overstraining of muscles can cause pain. Avoid exercising during the pain as it will further damage your tissues.

Resume physical activity slowly as it helps in the quick healing of the injury.


Sports injuries commonly occur in children and younger adults. Millions of children and teenagers suffer from sports injuries each year. If the injury does not heal quickly, one should visit a health care professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Is it okay to walk with a sprained knee?

Yes, you can walk but not immediately. You will need some kind of help with walking. You can sprain the knee due to overstretching or tearing of a ligament.

When does my sports injury need surgery?

If non-operative treatment does not work and you are unable to get back to the activity, then surgery may be required.

What should I immediately do after an injury?

Immediately after an injury, you should follow the rule of RICE that is rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If pain and swelling do not improve, consult with a medical health professional.


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