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Wrist Arthroscopy

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Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Wrist Arthroscopy is a surgery done at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, in which your doctor can examine the inside of your wrists. The injuries during a fall, an accident, or a problem in twisting the wrist can cause you pain.

Many people go for wrist arthroscopy to have a close and clear examination of the issue with the wrist.

Why is Wrist Arthroscopy done?

Wrist arthroscopy is done to closely examine your wrist and medical problems and disorders associated with that. It helps your doctor to see clearly through your joint. Wrist arthroscopy is done when you go through an accident, a fall, or pain while twisting your wrist.

The medical issue can cause severe pain and swelling near your wrist. Wrist surgery is the best way to closely look for the caused injury and to repair it. It is also done to fix fractured bones around your wrist and also to remove an infection from your wrist area.

After knee and shoulder surgery, wrist surgery is becoming common in recent times. In the wrist arthroscopy procedure, the cuts made on the soft tissues of the wrist are very small, the pain of swelling you may face during and after the surgery will be minimal, and also the recovery time is very short after wrist surgery.

What is the procedure for Wrist Arthroscopy?

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, like any other surgical procedure, your doctor will examine the area where the surgery needs to be done i.e., your wrist. After that, your doctor will make a cut to examine the inner portion of your wrist.

He or she will then insert a tube having a camera fitted on the front of the tube into your wrist. Through the camera inserted into your wrist, an image projecting your wrist’s inner portion on the screen. Your doctor will then evaluate where the actual complication is caused. In some cases, the doctor needs to put several cuts of small size on your wrist to get a proper view of your wrist from inside within the ligaments and joints.

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What are the risks associated with Wrist Arthroscopy?

There are several risks associated with wrist surgery like any other open surgery. These risks include: -

  • Getting an infection from the outside environment. Open surgery has a higher risk of developing an infection as the outside bacteria reacts with the cells and tissues very fast.
  • Nerves, tendons, and cartilage damage during the surgery. There is a chance that your wrist nerves, tendons, and even cartilage get damaged during the procedure.
  • Stiffness in your joint motion or no motion at all. In some situations, you may lose the motion of your wrist joint that may be temporary or permanent.

These risks usually occur during the recovery time while you are in your rehabilitation period post-surgery.

What is the recovery rate after successful wrist surgery?

The recovery period depends upon person to person. Your body will react in a completely different way than others. Some people’s bodies accept the surgery changes in most cases and recover after some time. but there are some people, whose bodies don’t accept the changes made during the surgical procedure and cause infections. This can be due to many reasons like the weak immune system.

After a successful wrist surgery, your doctor will cover the wrist area with a bandage and will advise you to give proper rest to your wrist for at least two weeks so the body can accept the changes and work according to that. The proper coverage with a bandage will help your wrist to recover while providing it full support and relief in pain.

While your doctor will put a bandage over your wrist, your fingers will be free. He or she will advise you to continue your finger movements to avoid the risk of swelling. Constant slow movements of your fingers will also avoid stiffness in your wrist joints.

Your doctor will provide full instructions and will guide you well for the activities you need to perform or avoid and about wound healing. If you take all the necessary precautions, the recovery time is very little and you will feel minimum pain.


Wrist arthroscopy is done on many patients every year who have medical complications within their wrist area. Many specialized surgeons are there who perform the surgical procedure and ensure your safety and quick healing.

If you follow all the steps and methods as your doctor will advise you, the recovery time is very little and you will experience minimal pain during the procedure and after the procedure during your resting period.

When should I see a doctor for wrist arthroscopy?

If you are facing pain while twisting your wrist or you have faced an accidental fall and swelling has occurred. It is advised to visit your doctor. He or she will do the necessary check-ups and suggest wrist surgery if needed.

2. How can I take care of the dressing my doctor has done after the surgery?

You have soft tissues near your wrist and it is important to protect these tissues from the outside environment to avoid risk for infection to develop. Take care your bandage does not get wet and loose while performing small activities.


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