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Diarrhea Treatment in Chunni-ganj, Kanpur

Diarrhoea is a condition in which you have frequent bowel movements and watery, loose stools. It is very common and is curable with medications and care. It can be acute and chronic. Acute Diarrhoea occurs when Diarrhoea lasts for only one or two days, whereas chronic Diarrhoea can last for many weeks.

What is Diarrhoea?

When you have loose and watery stools and frequent bowel movements, it is defined as Diarrhoea. It is caused by viruses or contaminated food. Diarrhoea can also be an indication of an underlying disease. It is important to go for treatment in case of chronic Diarrhoea.

What Are the Symptoms of Diarrhoea?

Signs and symptoms of Diarrhoea include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Dehydration
  • Watery and loose stool
  • Blood in your stools
  • Fever
  • Bloating
  • Frequent cramps
  • A large volume of stools
  • Fatigue and headache
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth and dry skin
  • Decreased urination

What Are the Causes of Diarrhoea?

The causes of Diarrhoea include:

  • Consumption of lactose, leading to food intolerance
  • Bacterial or viral infection
  • Parasitic infections in the intestines
  • Reaction to medication
  • Food allergy
  • Intestinal disease
  • Stomach surgery or gallbladder stones

When to See a Doctor?

If you experience severe abdominal pain, notice blood in your stool, fever, or a large volume of stools, it is important to see your doctor.

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How Is Diarrhoea Diagnosed?

At Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, your doctor may perform some tests to determine the cause of Diarrhoea. including:

  • Fasting test: This test is done to see whether an allergy or food allergy is causing Diarrhoea.
  • Imaging test: This test is done to check for inflammation on the intestines.
  • Stool culture: This test is done to check for bacteria, signs of disease, or parasites in your stool.
  • Colonoscopy: This test is done to check the colon for any sign of intestinal disease.
  • Sigmoidoscopy: This test is done to check the lower colon for any sign of intestinal disease.

How Can We Prevent Diarrhoea?

  • It is important to wash the food properly before cooking. This will kill the bacteria present in the food.
  • Clean the food preparation area frequently.
  • You should serve the food immediately after cooking it.
  • Leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Take antibiotic treatments on a vacation.
  • Drink lots of fluid.

How Can We Treat Diarrhoea?

Acute Diarrhoea can heal within a few days but chronic Diarrhoea needs medical treatment.


Your doctor may recommend antibiotics to treat Diarrhoea which is caused by bacteria and parasites. Antibiotics will cure Diarrhoea within a few days.

Replacing Fluids

Your doctor may advise you to replace fluids and salts. If drinking water causes vomiting or Diarrhoea, IV fluids may be recommended by your doctor. This fluid contains salts, electrolytes, and minerals like potassium and sodium. These minerals are important for the functions of your body.

Underlying conditions

If your Diarrhoea is due to an underlying health issue, your doctor may recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist in Kanpur.

Replacing medications

If your Diarrhoea is due to an antibiotic you are taking, your doctor may replace it with another medication.


Diarrhoea is a common condition caused by viruses or parasites. Most of the cases of Diarrhoea resolve on their own.

Chronic Diarrhoea can have adverse effects on your body. It is important to take proper care and treatment in case of chronic Diarrhoea. Maintaining good hygiene, washing the food, and having fresh food are important to keep Diarrhoea at bay.

1. Can Diarrhoea be cured?

Yes, Diarrhoea can be cured by taking antibiotics and drinking lots of IV fluid.

2. Can Diarrhoea be dangerous?

Acute Diarrhoea lasts for two to three days but chronic Diarrhoea takes weeks to heal and may have adverse effects on your health.

3. Is Diarrhoea contagious?

Yes, Diarrhoea can be highly contagious. They can spread from one person to another via dirty hands and contaminated food.


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