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Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

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Best Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

Ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgery done for correcting the instability of the ankle. The surgery is done if your ligaments get stretched or torn. This surgery is done if other treatments fail to offer you relief.

What Is Ankle Ligament Reconstruction?

Ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgical procedure done to treat sprains and instability of your ankle. This surgery is done in an outpatient surgical unit by giving general anesthesia.

Why Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Is Needed?

This surgery is done if one or more ligaments of your ankle joint get stretched or torn. This causes instability of the joint and leads to severe pain and chronic ankle sprains.

Initially, an ankle sprain can cause a small tear in the ligaments. You may get your ankle sprain again if the first sprain is not treated. This causes instability of the ligaments. Some medical problems can make you more prone to develop repeated ankle sprains. Medication conditions include midfoot cavus, plantar flexion of the first ray, hindfoot varus, etc.

How Do I Get Prepared For Ankle Ligament Reconstruction?

You will consult with your health care provider. Tell him if you are taking any medicines and if you have to stop them before surgery.

Your doctor will ask you to go for imaging tests like X-rays, MRI, etc. You have to stop eating or drinking the night before the procedure.

You have to adjust a few things at your home as you would not be able to walk for a few days.

What Is The Procedure Of Ankle Ligament Reconstruction in Kanpur?

Ankle ligament reconstruction is done by using different techniques. You can talk to your doctor about the details of the procedure or type of surgery. The surgery may take two or more hours.

The doctor will start by giving you general anesthesia. He will also note down your blood pressure. He will clean the area and make an incision through the skin and muscle of your ankle.

The surgeon will remove small ankle ligaments to reattach the same to your fibula. The surgeon will make other repairs and close the holes and layers of your skin and muscle in the end.

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What Will You Expect After Ankle Ligament Reconstruction?

You will have to stay in the hospital room for a few hours but as soon as you awake you can go back home because ankle ligament reconstruction is done in an outpatient unit in Kanpur.

For a few days, you will experience pain and the doctor will prescribe pain medicines to give you relief from pain. Your doctor will also tell you to keep your leg elevated. This will help in reducing swelling and pain. You may have to use crutches for about two weeks to avoid putting weight on your ankle.

You should consult with your physician if you have a high fever, severe pain, and difficulty in getting up.

You may have to follow up after ten days to get your stitches removed. The surgeon may also call you to replace the splint with a boot or cast. Your surgeon will replace the cast with a removable brace which you have to use for a few months.

Your doctor will also advise you on how you can recover quickly from physical therapy as it will also help to increase the strength of your joint.

What Are The Risks Involved With Ankle Ligament Reconstruction?

Risks involved with ankle ligament reconstruction include the following:

  • Infection may occur at the site of the incision
  • Damage to the nerve may occur
  • It may lead to more instability of the joint
  • Excessive bleeding may occur
  • You may feel the stiffness of the ankle joint
  • Blood clotting may occur


Ankle ligament reconstruction is a type of surgery done for correcting the ligament tear surrounding your ankle. It is done to improve the mobility of your joint and reduce further chances of sprains.

1. How soon can I start walking after ankle ligament reconstruction?

Recovery time depends on the type of surgery done on your ankle. You may have to keep a boot or brace for one or two months for proper healing.

2. Are there any alternative treatments to surgery?

Physical therapy and bracing can be used for treating ankle ligament rupture. But, if a person does not respond to these treatments, surgery is advised.

3. How soon can I go back to my work after ankle ligament reconstruction?

If you have a sitting job, you can return to work after two weeks but if your job involves walking or standing, you have to wait for at least 2 months.


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