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Women’s bodies have changed a lot in centuries. Women are structured in a different and complex way that can hold unborn lives in themselves. Women go through many hormonal changes in different stages of their life. In earlier times, there were a large number of pregnancies, and women were at the risk of developing disorders and complications due to a large number of pregnancies that were maybe wanted or not. As a result, many of them tend to die after their menopause as they have changed vigorously till that time.

Many health-related issues are common in women. In a recent study, it has been seen that around 1 million women are diagnosed with some common medical issues every year and hence, it needs more attention to reduce the number of complications faced by women.

To reduce the risks of getting these common health-related issues, it is important to spread awareness. Women should keep in mind to keep themselves healthy, fit, and away from various medical conditions.

What are the common medical complications women face during their life?

Women go through many hormonal changes in different stages of their life and sometimes, these hormonal changes cause severe complications and disorders in their bodies. These issues can be acute and get diagnosed and treated on time but there are some chronic issues like cancer that are not detected in earlier stages and can become fatal.

Some of the common medical issues most women go through in their life include: -

  • Cancer

    Women are at higher risk of developing different types of cancer in their bodies than men. Different body parts are affected in a woman’s body. The types of cancer to which women are at greater risk of developing are: - breast cancer, cancer in female reproductive parts like- ovarian cancer, cancer of the cervix, cancer in the womb (uterus), pancreatic cancer, and even lung cancer.

  • Urinary Tract Infections

    Women’s bodies are designed in a way that the vaginal opening and anal opening are situated near each other. There is a high risk of getting infections in the urinary tract that can cause many fatal and chronic problems in your body. These problems can be: - bleeding from the urinary tract, swelling and inflammation, cyst formation, uterus fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD), and many more.

  • Problems due to Cosmetics

    Women are in direct contact with many chemicals throughout their life. These chemicals can have adverse effects on your body in the long term. Many women also go through many kinds of cosmetic surgeries to change their external appearance. These surgeries can cause many hormonal changes in your body and in some cases, due to adverse hormone imbalance, you can develop many medical complications like many kinds of chronic infections and cancer that can be fatal.

  • Menstruation related problems

    Usually, women start menstruating at the age of 12 or 13 and have their menopause from their 40s. The menstrual cycle repeats every month and lasts for 4 to 5 days. Many women get weak due to blood loss during menstruation. Before the egg is even released from the ovaries, many women face issues like PCOD and PCOS that will cause hormone imbalance in your body. After the egg is released, you may feel pelvic pain. If the egg is not fertilized, it will break down as well as the uterine line will shed off from your cervix and vagina. This regular loss of blood can cause weak health in many females.

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1. What can be the reason for severe headaches during menstrual cycles?

Headaches during menstruation are termed Menstrual Migration. Many hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle can cause pressure on some nerves which can cause headaches and even migrations. You are advised to visit your doctor and get the necessary check-ups.

2. I have been diagnosed with fibroids recently. Will it affect my fertility?

Certainly, no. Many women who develop fibroids do not have to worry about their fertility or delivery. Fibroids tend to stay at a fixed position in your body and can grow during pregnancy. In some rare cases, you can face issues like bleeding, miscarriage, or premature childbirth.


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