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AShoulder Replacement Treatment & Diagnostics in Chunni Ganj, Kanpur

AShoulder Replacement

Your shoulder joint can be replaced by shoulder replacement surgery at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, if you have pain in your shoulder joint maybe because of arthritis or you have fractured your shoulder bone severely or if it has been broken due to a fall or an accident.

The whole surgery to replace your shoulder joint or the whole shoulder can take up to one to two hours and you have to stay in hospital for a few days under strict observation and monitoring by your doctor and medical staff.

Why is Shoulder Replacement surgery done?

Shoulder replacement is done to reduce the pain in your joints due to several diseases like arthritis and to increase the mobility and movement in your shoulder if you are suffering from an end case of shoulder arthritis. Many people face an accident and fracture their shoulder vigorously leading to shoulder replacement.

Shoulder replacement surgery has been seen to reduce the pain in and around your shoulder area. It also increases the strength of your shoulder and enhances its mobility. In a study, it has been seen that almost 95% of the patients that have gone through shoulder replacement surgery are living their life painlessly. They have been suggested exercises to restore and enhance strength and mobility of their shoulder after a successful shoulder replacement surgery.

Different types of arthritis can affect your shoulder leading to shoulder replacement surgery. These types include: -

Many people who suffer from these disorders face pain and inflammation in their shoulder joints. After going through the surgery, they have seen to reduce pain and have also increased the mobility of their shoulders.

  1. Osteoarthritis (OA)- In this type of arthritis, you will face wear and tear of your shoulder joint cartilage that happens with years. Many adults face this kind of arthritis at some stage in their life. Most of them have the wear and tear of joint cartilage in their knees, fingers, and hips rather than having it in the shoulder. If you are an active person and practice sports regularly, you are at higher risk of developing osteoarthritis with age.
  2. Inflammatory Arthritis (IA)- Inflammatory arthritis is termed to be a chronic autoimmune disorder. Among those, the two main types that affect your shoulder mobility and strength are: -
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Ankylosing spondylitis

When to consult a doctor for shoulder replacement surgery?

Most people go for shoulder replacement surgery in arthritis pain. Some of the common symptoms and causes you can look for before deciding whether to consult your doctor or not include: -

  • If you are facing and experiencing pain in your shoulder
  • If you can feel swelling or inflammation in your shoulder joint
  • If your shoulder mobility is restricted by pain and swelling
  • If you notice strength decrease of your shoulder

Then you are advised to consult a doctor and get all necessary check-ups immediately. Your doctor at Apollo Spectra, Kanpur, will perform X-Rays, CT scans, and even Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose arthritis in your shoulder.

The pain in your muscle joint is caused due to the damage of your shoulder joint cartilage due to high wear and tear. Through X-rays and CT scans, your doctor will look for any nerve damage in your shoulder joint and soft tissues of your shoulder like the rotator cuff tendon through MRI.

If your doctor will detect any severe damage occurred in your shoulder joint and nerve, he or she will suggest and guide you for shoulder replacement surgery.

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What are the risks associated with this surgery?

Just like any other complicated major surgery, shoulder replacement surgery also has some risks associated with it. These common risks include: -

  • The instability of the joint has been replaced. The ball can slip from its original position if not surgically fitted properly in a ball and socket joint.
  • As your body is susceptible to outside bacteria, you may develop an infection when not treated properly.
  • As many nerves are being treated during the surgery to fit the replaced shoulder with the body, there is a chance for your nerves to get damaged.
  • Stiffness can also occur in your shoulder joint as the cartilage will need time to reform and help the ball to glide with the socket properly.


Shoulder replacement surgery has helped many people to reduce pain in their shoulder joints and to increase the mobility and strength of their shoulders.

Many specialized doctors perform this surgical procedure and help you to live your life without the pain. You can go back to continue your sports after few months of a successful shoulder replacement surgery.

1. What is the recovery time after a successful shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement surgery takes one to two hours and after that, your doctor will keep you in the hospital to monitor your health and surgery for few days then you can take discharge from the hospital. You will be guided with some exercises you must practice for few months to avoid stiffness in your joints.

2. Which doctor to consult for shoulder replacement?

Orthopedic surgeons are specialized doctors who have practiced replacement surgeries for your shoulders. You can call them and fix an appointment. He or she will examine your shoulder and will suggest you the best way to reduce your pain or inflammation.

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