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Orthopedic -Joint Replacement

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Orthopedic: All About Joint Replacement

This orthopedic surgery is also known as replacement arthroplasty. It is performed on patients who are suffering from severe joint pain. Any kind of discomfort that arises in the joints can cause immense pain.

The surgery is recommended for patients with advanced, last-stage joint diseases when medications, therapies and other alternatives fail.

What exactly is a joint replacement surgery?

It’s an orthopedic surgery that involves the replacement of damaged or dysfunctional joint surfaces with artificial ones. It can be performed on the ankle, shoulders, elbows and finger joints, but, it is mainly used for treating damaged knee and hip joints.

Who qualifies for joint replacement surgery?

People who are suffering from:

  • Any kind of bone injury
  • Bone deformity
  • Bone tumor
  • Fracture in bones
  • Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Why do you need a joint replacement?

  • Intense or unbearable pain in joints
  • Swelling and redness in a joint
  • Minimal mobility 
  • Fever up to 100 degrees F

What are the common types of joint replacement surgery?

  • Hip joint replacement
  • Knee joint replacement
  • Shoulder joint replacement
  • Total joint replacement

What are the benefits of this surgery?

  • Provides relief from chronic pain
  • Facilitates better body movement
  • Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions like heart attack and diabetes
  • Reduces mental stress as you are no longer dependent on others 
  • You can easily do day-to-day activities

What are the risk factors involved?

  • Bleeding
  • Risk of getting infections
  • Formation of blood clots in legs and lungs
  • Dislocation of joints
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Weakness and numbness due to injury in nerves and blood vessels

When should you see your doctor?

You should immediately consult a doctor when medications and non-surgical approaches are no longer effective. Watch out for symptoms like redness and warmth around a joint, persistent fever, night sweating and weight loss.

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Joint replacement surgery is a very safe and effective procedure to treat severe joint pain caused by many factors.

What is the difference between total and partial joint replacement?

As the names suggest, a partial replacement is done for the replacement of only a part of a joint whereas total replacement surgery is done to replace the damaged cartilage with a prosthesis.

How should one prepare for the surgery?

  • Get a brief about the surgery from your doctor.
  • You have to sign a consent form.
  • There will be a physical examination of the whole body.
  • Your medical history will be checked. Blood tests and other important tests will be done.
  • Medicines like aspirin and other anticoagulants will be stopped.
  • Fasting for 8 hours at least before surgery.
  • A sedative will be given before the surgery to help you relax.
  • Meeting with a physiotherapist for post-surgery healing.

What preventive measures should you take to avoid a joint replacement?

  • Regular exercises like walking, swimming, etc.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take supplements.
  • Lose weight in case you are overweight.

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