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Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss Treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore 

As is quite clear from the name itself, hearing loss is a condition where people face hearing difficulties in the acute phase. It can even lead to complete loss of hearing ability in the toxic phase. Our ear is a complex organ. It consists of various parts that play crucial roles. The ear canal, eardrum, cochlea, auditory nerve, etc., are parts of an ear. Minor damage to any of these parts can lead to hearing loss as its functioning will be hampered.

What Are The Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss never usually happens at once. It is an ailment that takes form over a period of time. You should never ignore minor symptoms in the beginning, as it may result in lifetime hearing loss. Here are some symptoms that can be an indication of the issue-

  • Difficulty hearing at different intervals
  • Difficulty hearing with one ear
  • A sudden hearing loss for a short period of time
  • A ringing sensation in the ear
  • Pain in the ear along with hearing problems 
  • Headache
  • Numbness in the ear
  • Discharge and foul smell from the ear

If you face any of these symptoms, along with chills, quick breathing, vomiting, stiffness in the neck, or mental agitation, you must immediately contact a doctor. This is important as these symptoms can cause life-threatening conditions that can be detrimental.
Symptoms are a good way to notice and escape a problem in advance. Always pay attention to what these symptoms convey and pay immediate attention to safeguard your health.

When To See A Doctor?

The ability to hear is a gift. You cannot take it for granted by ignoring the early signs of hearing loss. If you find yourself not being able to differentiate between voices, watching television at a comparatively higher volume, or even mild pain in your ear, it is high time you seek medical help.

You can consult an audiologist or even an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist. An audiologist is appropriate for identifying initial causes of hearing loss, and an ENT usually takes care of severe issues. But there is no guideline as to when to consult which doctor.

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How Can We Prevent Hearing Loss?

You can always be cautious of your activities and take preventive measures beforehand to avoid hearing loss. Here are some ways that can help you prevent hearing loss –

  • Avoid loud noises – Being in a space with constant loud noises can be harmful. Anything above 80 decibels is loud noise. Try to avoid such sounds to avoid hearing ailments.
  • Ensure intake of proper vitamins – Certain vitamins and minerals help maintain the good health of your ears. One such vitamin is B12. Minerals like potassium and magnesium are also vital to good hearing.
  • Get yourself checked – Not being aware of your problem can aggravate the problem. You are advised to get yourself checked at regular intervals to identify even the initial signs of hearing loss.
  • Exercise – There is nothing in the world that cannot be made better with regular exercise. Practice exercises like neck rotation, neck flexion and extension, downward dog, etc., to keep your ears healthy.
  • Keep your diabetes under control – According to research, people with diabetes are twice more likely to experience hearing loss. It is mandatory for diabetic people to keep their diabetes in control to ensure good hearing.

How Can It Be Treated?

There are different causes and severity levels of hearing loss. The treatment depends and varies on these factors. Given below are different ways of treating hearing loss –

  • Removal of wax blockage from ears – Often, an accumulation of wax causes hearing disabilities. Doctors remove the earwax with the help of suction or a small tool with a loop towards the end.
  • Hearing aids – Damage in the inner ear is usually treated with hearing aids. Audiologists discuss the pain points and fit you with a device that helps solve the problem.
  • Surgeries – There are certain surgeries of the eardrum or the bones that treat hearing loss.
  • Implants – Cochlear implants are used in the most critical cases, where even aids cannot solve hearing issues. You can discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor before undergoing an implant.
  • Medicines -- Infection of the middle ear, history of discharge is treated early to reduce the damage and restore hearing.


About 250 million across the world have some hearing ailment. Age is a major factor, but hearing noise and loud voices constantly is also a major reason. It is important to take good care of your ears to lead a healthy and independent life.






What causes hearing loss?

Several factors cause hearing loss. Aging, accumulation of wax, continuous exposure to loud noises and middle ear infections are the most common reasons.

What are the common symptoms of hearing loss?

Some common symptoms are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, watching TV at a higher volume, mishearing words, a constant ringing, or buzzing in the ears.

How common is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is most common in older people, but exposure to loud noises also causes damage to the ears. 


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