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Fusion of Joints

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Fusion of Joints Treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore

Fusion of Joints

Severe joint pain that does not respond to any conventional treatment requires surgery in order to fuse the joints. Any reputed orthopedic hospital in Bangalore has expert surgeons on board to perform such surgery, which is known as “arthrodesis” in medical parlance. If you are suffering from unbearable pain in a joint, then seek an expert’s opinion as early as possible to avoid complications. You can easily find the right healthcare resource by searching online for an “ortho doctor near me” to know your options.

What do you need to know about fusion of joints?

Our joints can withstand movements of the bones and bear the weight of the body. Sometimes, degenerative processes and certain arthritic conditions can severely affect the ability of joints to facilitate smooth movements. Arthrodesis or fusion of joints is a surgery performed in any established orthopedic hospital in Bangalore. The procedure aims to facilitate the fusion of two bones into a single structure. Following are some joints that can be fused with help of arthrodesis procedure:

  • Ankle joint
  • Feet
  • Wrist joint
  • Spine
  • Finger joints

What are the types of fusion of joint surgeries?

There are four common types of fusion procedures performed at any established ortho hospital in Bangalore.

  • Fusion of spinal joints – Severe back pain as a result of degeneration of disks, fractures or other causes requires a surgical fusion of specific spinal joints.
  • Fusion of ankle joint – Ankle arthrodesis is necessary if all traditional treatments have failed to bring relief to pain caused by osteoarthritis or other arthritic conditions.
  • Fusion of wrist joint – Your doctor may recommend an arthrodesis procedure to fuse the bones of the wrist and forearms.
  • Fusion of joints in the foot – Arthrodesis of the foot joint ensures better stability and elimination of pain.

What are the symptoms to look for before considering a joint fusion surgery?

Joint pain is the most vital symptom that may justify an arthrodesis surgery or surgical fusion of joints. If all other conservative options of treatments such as splints and medicines cannot bring relief, then a joint fusion surgery is necessary. Surgical joint fusion is also necessary if a patient is experiencing a reduced ability of the joint to bear weight.

What are the causes that lead to fusion of joints?

Severe joint pain or loss of movement stability may require fusion of joints. Causes may include:

  • Degenerative arthritic conditions
  • Arthritis following a trauma
  • Chronic painful conditions
  • Loss of stability because of tarsal coalition
  • Foot deformities
  • Scoliosis
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Slipped Disk

When should you consult a doctor?

Severe joint pain and loss of stability are important indicators. Surgical fusion of joints is a logical step if all other forms of treatment have failed.

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How do you prepare for the surgery?

Routine investigations such as X-ray and blood tests help your doctor study the affected joints and other physical parameters before the surgical fusion of joints. Type of anesthesia depends on the surgical procedure of arthrodesis.


Arthrodesis helps in eliminating severe joint pain and improves weight-bearing capacity because of greater stability in our body. Visit a reputed orthopedic hospital in Bangalore to know more about your options.

How much time does it take to recover after the joint fusion surgery?

Normally, patients can recover within nine months. Ortho surgeons from any reputed orthopedic hospital in Bangalore will guide you about resuming activities by considering the complexity of the surgery.

How painful is joint fusion?

You will not experience any significant pain since surgeons use the technique of arthroscopy for the fusion of joints under anesthesia.

What can you expect after the surgical joint fusion?

Successful joint fusion surgery relieves pain and discomfort. Some of the best orthopedic hospitals in Bangalore leverage the arthroscopy technique for faster recovery following a joint fusion surgery.


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