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Introduction -

Hearing Loss, also known as Decreased Hearing or Deafness, is a condition in which you cannot hear or can hear only loud voices or cannot hear at all. Generally, this condition occurs in older people, and it worsens gradually with time. According to a study by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), about 25-30% of people within the age group of 65-70 years have hearing loss.

Causes of Hearing Loss -

The most common reasons causing hearing loss are -

  • Conductive Hearing Loss - Conductive hearing loss occurs when you cannot hear soft or low sounds. This condition is usually non-permanent and can also be treated by medications or surgery. It can occur because of ear infections, allergies, or an expansion of wax in the ear. 
  • Damage to the Inner Ear - Old age and continuous exposure to loud noises generally affect the ear's nerve cells that send the brain sound signals. When these nerve cells are damaged, the sound signals are not transmitted to the brain, and thus hearing loss occurs.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss -

People who have hearing loss/ decreased hearing can experience either some or all the symptoms. Some of these symptoms are:-

  • Problems interpreting routine conversations.
  • Asking to turn on the volume of mobile phones or radio to listen and understand clearly.
  • When talking to someone, asking them to repeat a sentence constantly.
  • Experiencing pain in the ear along with hearing issues.
  • Problems following a conversation when more than one person speaks at the same time.

If you experience any or most of the symptoms mentioned above, you must look for the best hearing loss hospital near you and consult the best doctors for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Types of Tests for Hearing Loss Diagnosis -

  • Physical Test: Doctors conduct a physical test to check your ear for wax accumulation, infections, or other structural problems, if any.
  • General Screening Test: This test is another hearing loss diagnosis test. You cover one ear and monitor how you react when different words are spoken to you in different volumes.
  • Tuning Fork Test: In this test, a tuning fork is struck, and doctors can evaluate where your ear is most damaged. 
  • Audiometer Test: The audiometer test is another test that can help doctors diagnose hearing loss. This test is used to test your ability to hear sounds of different volumes and tones.

If you start noticing mild symptoms of hearing loss, you should schedule an appointment with
healthcare professionals at the earliest.

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Treatments of Hearing Loss -

If you face hearing problems, it is essential to get the best treatment available at the hearing loss hospitals near you.
Treating a hearing loss patient depends on the cause and severity of the condition. Some treatments used by the doctors are -

  • Removing Wax Blockage - Earwax blockage is the most common reason for hearing loss. Doctors generally clear the blockage using suction or a small tube with a loop-like structure at the end.
  • Hearing Aids -  If the damaged inner ear is the reason for hearing loss, hearing aids can be helpful. The audiologist will take the impression of your ear to make sure the custom-made hearing aid fits well and proves useful.
  • Cochlear Implants - If you experience severe hearing loss and using custom-made hearing aids is not helpful, cochlear implants can be the solution to your problems. While hearing aids intensify the sound and transfer it into your ear canal, cochlear implants skip the damaged parts of your inner ear and concentrate on the hearing nerve directly. Cochlear implants are useful for both children and adults. Children can have these implants in both ears, and for adults, one implant is enough.

Preventing Hearing Loss -

You cannot prevent hearing loss caused due to congenital disabilities, illnesses, infections, or accidents. But you can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of losing your sense of hearing.

Some of these preventive measures are mentioned below -

  • Avoid loud noises, i.e., TV, radio, music players, etc.
  • If you are exposed to loud noises due to your work, always wear noise-blocking earbuds to block out the loud noise.

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Is hearing loss hereditary?

Some forms of hearing loss can be hereditary. All hereditary hearing loss does not necessarily occur at birth. Some forms can appear later in life, i.e., between the ages of 10 and 30.

Can medications cause hearing problems?

Yes, some medications can cause severe damage to the ear. Hence, their consumption is always prescribed in small doses.

Will my hearing get worse with time?

Worsening of hearing loss generally depends on the type of hearing loss you experience. It gets worse with time for most people.


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