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Best Audiometry Treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore

Hearing loss is a medical condition that can affect anyone. It usually affects adults older than 60 years. It can be a loss in one ear or both and can range from minor to problematic.

Audiometry is a hearing test which checks how good your hearing is. It checks the tone, intensity and the speed of sound and also looks at the functioning of the inner ear. For this, you need to consult an audiometry specialist near you.

What are the basic things we need to know about audiometry?

A healthy person should be able to hear sounds varying from 20 dB to 180 dB. Approximately one in every three persons above the age of 65 can experience hearing loss. One can assess the damage with the help of audiometry. 

So, how does audiometry work?

During audiometry, few tests are performed.

  • Pure tone test: It measures the quietest sounds you can hear at different pitches. For this, a doctor will play different sounds with a pair of headphones. These sounds will be of different tones and pitches, playing in each ear at a time. He/she will ask you to raise your hand when the sound becomes audible to you.
  • Word distinguishing test: This test examines your ability to differentiate between background noise and speech. You will be played a word with background noise and asked to repeat the word out loud.
  • A tuning fork test: This is used to check how well your ear can hear vibrations at different tones.
  • Immittance audiometry: This test is done to check the function of the eardrum and the flow of sound through the middle ear.  A small probe is inserted and the air is pumped into the ear. This air changes the pressure inside the ear, which affects sound quality. A monitor then examines how well the sounds travel through the ear. 

For more information, contact audiometry Doctors near you.

What are the symptoms/causes that prompt audiometry?

Audiometry can be done as a regular screening test or if a person is experiencing hearing loss.

The common reasons for hearing loss are:

  • Birth defects
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Family history of hearing loss, inherited conditions
  • Injury to the ear
  • Inner ear diseases
  • Long exposure to loud noises
  • Ruptured eardrum

When should  you see a doctor?

If you are experiencing hearing loss or difficulty in hearing sounds, you should consider getting audiometry surgery. You should look for audiometry doctors near Bangalore if you are thinking about getting one. 

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Koramangala, Bangalore.

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What are the risk factors involved?

An audiometry test has no risk factors. It is a non-invasive procedure.

What happens after audiometry?

After your audiometry test, doctors will check your results. Based on how good your hearing is, they will suggest preventative methods. If you are facing minor hearing loss, they might recommend staying away from extremely loud places like concerts. They can also recommend using earplugs. If you are facing severe hearing loss, they might recommend corrective measures, like a hearing aid.


An audiometry test is recommended to a person above 65 years as a precaution, because it is extremely common to experience hearing loss at that age. The results of this test help a doctor in inferring whether an ear is functioning properly. Contact audiometry hospitals near you for more information. 

How long is an audiometry session?

An audiometry session takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It gives results almost instantly.

Can a young person experience hearing loss?

Yes, a young person can also experience hearing loss. This may be due to an injury, birth defect or a chronic ear infection.

What are the most common reasons for hearing loss?

The most common reasons for hearing loss are ageing and constant exposure to loud places and environments. You can’t reverse hearing loss but you can take preventative measures to avoid further harm.


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