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All About Pain Management

To put it simply, pain is a sense of discomfort you experience while performing everyday functions. This can lead to stress or even mental health issues.

How do we classify body pain?

Based on duration, pain can be acute and chronic. Based on conditions, it can be nociceptive and neuropathic.

Nociceptive pain occurs when our body responds to such stimuli as pulled-back muscles or other injuries that may not necessarily damage nerves. On the other hand, neuropathic pain is a result of some damage caused to our nervous system. It can be caused by some irritation or inflammation.

What are the symptoms like?

  • Pain in muscles
  • Pain in bones
  • Pain in nerves
  • Redness or inflammation
  • Soreness for a long time
  • Mental distress

What are the causes of pain?

  • Exercising in the wrong way or sudden stressing of muscles
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Standing or sitting in the same position for a long time
  • Acidity can cause chest pain
  • Wearing uncomfortable clothes or shoes
  • Overweight people can have pain in the knees and legs
  • Wrong posture while sleeping or sitting
  • Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress
  • Traumatic injury
  • The curvature of the spine
  • Aging of the spine

Sometimes pain can occur for no apparent reason as well.

When should you see a doctor?

  • When your pain is not getting cured
  • When it disturbs your normal functioning
  • When pain disrupts sleep and does not let you relax
  • When pain does not let you exercise

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What are the tests one should undergo?

When you visit a pain management doctor to know the reason for your pain, he or she can suggest some tests based on individual conditions.

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) scan: It seeks the image of a cross-section of the body. Sometimes a solution is injected to see a clearer image.
  • Ultrasound imaging: It is a scanning test that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to detect any abnormality in the body
  • Electromyogram: It is a test for muscle response through electrical signals with the help of needles.
  • Bone scans: It is a test to diagnose and track infections in bones. Radioactive material is injected which helps in identifying abnormality.
  • Myelogram: This test is for examining back pain caused by nerve compression with the help of a dye injected into the spinal cord.
  • Nerve block: This test helps in diagnosing nerve blocks with help of a response from a needle injection.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): This test uses radio waves, magnets and computer images to get a better view.

What are the basic treatments available?

  • Physiotherapy: Some exercises can reduce pain and other related syndromes.
  • Yoga: Consult an expert before you try yoga for pain management.
  • Massage: This can help in relaxing muscles. But do consult your doctor before you try this.
  • Cold-heat management: Cold therapy reduces inflammation while heat therapy increases the blood flow and helps in relieving pain.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers: OTC drugs like aspirin can help in alleviating pain, but they can’t deal with the root cause.
  • Prescription drugs: Drugs like corticosteroids, opioids, anti-depressants and anti-convulsants can be prescribed by pain management doctors.


If your pain persists, seek professional help for pain management. If pain continues after some illness or surgery, follow up with your doctor. Effective pain management can improve your quality of life.

How do I know the pain is not serious?

If your pain persists even after primary treatments, you should contact a pain management hospital near you to check for serious issues.

Does diabetes cause pain?

Yes, one of the consequences of diabetes is neuropathy because of which you can have pain in specific nerves like sciatic nerves.

Is pain medication safe?

Yes, pain medications are safe, but can prove harmful in the long run. They can cause toxicity in the kidneys. Consult a doctor, don’t go for self-medication.

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