Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bangalore

At Apollo Spectra, we have highly trained joint replacement surgeons in Bangalore who perform one of the best joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement is a surgery, which helps remove damaged or diseased joint and replace it with an artificial part. It can help reduce pain, improve your movement, and make you feel a lot better than before. Usually, the hips and knees are the most replaced joints. The other joints that can be replaced are; shoulders, fingers, ankles, and elbows.

What is a joint?

It is where the ending of two or more bones meet. If you see, you will find various types of joints inside the body. For instance, the knee is a hinge joint as it can bend and then straighten like a hinged door.  The hip and shoulder are known as the ball and socket joints.

When is joint replacement surgery recommended?
There are various reasons, which can lead to joint pain and disability. Hence, the patients will then have to opt for joint replacement surgery. In several cases, the joint pain can be because of the cartilage that lines the end of the bones, and it can be either from arthritis, a fracture or another condition. First, your doctor will try non-surgical treatments, like drugs, physical therapy, etc. If it fails, then the next step is surgery.

How to prepare for the joint replacement surgery?
  • A few weeks before the surgery, your doctor and his team will walk you through the whole procedure, making sure you are mentally prepared.
  • Your doctor will also do a complete health evaluation, i.e. he will check your overall general health and can also ask you to get several tests done, such as blood test, cardiogram, x-ray, etc.
  • You must do your part, i.e. Be prepared. Make a list of all the question you have. Clear it with your doctor. If you must make notes. After all good health is definitely a priority.
  • You will have to start exercising and eating right. Ask your doctor about it. It must be done under guidance.
  • You can prepare your home a week before the surgery, by installing a shower bench, handrails, etc.
What questions must we ask the doctor?
  • What is the major or frequent complication of this surgery?
  • What is important? The experience and skill of the orthopaedist or the device and technology.
  • Give me a detailed information of the probable outcome, both positive and negative
  • What are the types of joint replacement surgery? If any
  • Is therapy necessary after surgery?
  • How long will I have to stay in the hospital?
  • What is the total inclusive cost?
  • How long will the artificial joint last?
What is the surgical procedure of the joint replacement surgery?
  • This surgery will take a few hours, depending on the severity, health of the patient, etc.
  • It can be performed in the hospital or outpatient surgery center
  • You will first change into a hospital gown and get the IV to provide all the fluids and nutrients required during the surgery.
  • Just before beginning the surgery, you will be given anesthesia
  • During the surgery, the damaged bone is removed through an incision made by the joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore and replaced with the prosthetic joint.
  • Once the replacement is in place, the incision is closed. Stitches will be needed to close the incision and then a bandage is applied to secure it.
  • You will then start your recovery process in a special recovery room, where the doctor and his team will manage your progress.
What happens during recovery?

Recovery and rehabilitation are different from person to person. Firstly, your joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore may encourage you to use your new joint after the surgery. It may be difficult at times but follow the doctor’s instructions to the tee to recover properly. Some patients also experience pain temporarily, but it is just that your muscles are getting used to it. And, also since there was no activity because of the surgery, the muscles may be weak. This pain eases out in a few weeks or months.

Long-term outcome

Usually, after the surgery, most patients are able to perform the day-to-day activities, normally. The surgery and the artificial joints last for many years, making sure you don’t experience any pain and are able to use your joints the way you are supposed to. However, you can try physical therapy post-surgery. Talk to your joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore about it.