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Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. There can be a lot of reasons for it.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder and there are different ways to treat it. If you are experiencing persistent problems, do consider consulting a doctor.

What do we need to know about erectile dysfunction?

Some men can experience erectile dysfunction for a shorter span of time. But if it persists, it can damage self-confidence and relationships. It can also be an indicator of some underlying health issue that may require treatment.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

These include:

  • Failing to get an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection for long enough
  • A drop in sexual drive

You may also experience anxiety or stress because of it. A man has erectile dysfunction if the symptoms keep reappearing. 

What can cause erectile dysfunction? 

Some of the causes are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep disorder
  • Use of tobacco
  • Use of substance or alcohol
  • Low testosterone
  • Anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions
  • High blood pressure 

When do you need to see a doctor?

If the symptoms mentioned above keep reappearing, you may consider consulting a doctor.

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What are the risk factors?

Many factors can increase the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Some of these are:

  • Use of tobacco, as it restricts the flow of blood in arteries and veins
  • Being overweight
  • Injuries that damage the nerves that control erections 
  • Use of certain medications
  • Drug and alcohol use

What are the complications like?

If untreated, you can have:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Unsatisfactory sex life
  • Problems in your relationship
  • Difficulty in getting your partner pregnant

How can you prevent erectile dysfunction?

Making some changes to lifestyle can help in preventing erectile dysfunction. Here’s how you can avoid it:

  • If you have diabetes, consult a doctor to keep it under control
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid smoking, drinking and use of other substances.
  • Take steps to control stress.

What are the treatment options for erectile dysfunction?

There are a few ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may suggest the following:

  • Medication
    The doctor may suggest medicines like Viagra, Levitra or Stendra. All of them increase the effect of nitric oxide that relaxes the muscles in the penis. But you must consult your doctor about these medicines before using them. There are also injections and intraurethral therapy that can help with erectile dysfunction.
  • Penis pumps
    Penis pumps are hollow tubes that one places over the penis to create a vacuum. It pulls blood to the penis, and then you put a tension ring around the penis to hold the blood and remove the tube. The erection stays for the entirety of sexual intercourse. But it can have a few side effects, one being the bruising of your penis.
  • Exercise
    Your doctor may suggest lifestyle changes. Light, moderate or vigorous aerobic activity can improve erectile dysfunction. But you may consider discussing an exercise plan with the doctor before jumping into it.
  • Psychological treatment

    If the dysfunction is due to psychological troubles like anxiety, depression or stress, talking to a psychologist may help. It can also help in cases where men are having relationship troubles.


If you are uncomfortable talking to an unknown doctor, you may consider going to a doctor you can trust. It can help you feel less uneasy, and there are chances you will open up more easily.

Erectile dysfunction can cause embarrassment and guilt. But getting past these feelings and talking to a doctor can help you.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Doctors can diagnose erectile dysfunction with the help of physical exams, blood test, urine test, ultrasound or psychological exams.

Does age have anything to do with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder among older men, especially those over 50. But not everyone suffers from it because of aging, as there can be plenty of other reasons for it.

Does erectile dysfunction go away on its own?

One of the biggest misconceptions about erectile dysfunction is that it can go away by itself. You need treatment or changes in lifestyle.


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