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Pain Management

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Pain Management

Pain management is a specialized branch of medicine that uses multiple scientific methods to ease pain and improve quality of life. Pain management doctors in Pune treat pain by evaluating the conditions that cause pain. They also design custom plans to rehabilitate patients with chronic painful conditions.

What should you know about pain management?

Pain management includes diverse treatment options, including medication, therapies, and lifestyle changes. Chronic pain management requires a multi-disciplinary approach that may involve a neurosurgeon, anesthetist, physical therapist, clinical psychiatrist, and a general surgeon in Pune.

Management of acute or chronic pain aims to reduce pain and make it more bearable for patients. Constant pain for over three months can be because of chronic conditions. Arthritis, migraine, and low backache are some conditions that lead to chronic pain. Most injuries or fractures cause acute pain, and the treatment may include medication and physiotherapy.

Who qualifies for pain management?

Pain is a generic term that may express a variety of types. Following are some types of pain and conditions that may qualify for pain management:

  • Acute pain - It may be because of an accident, bone injury, surgery, burns, labor and tooth extraction.
  • Chronic pain - It may be of mild or severe nature. Chronic pain may last for months. Headache, cancer, lower back pain, and fibromyalgia are some examples of chronic pain.
  • Neuropathic pain - Pain can result from swelling or injury of nerves. Nerve pain can severely restrict daily activities. Individuals can also experience depression because of nerve pain if it becomes chronic.
  • Visit any of the established pain management hospitals in Pune if you are suffering from unbearable pain.

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What does pain management consist of?

Pain management in Pune helps patients ease the pain with several treatment facilities, such as medications and therapies.

Pain management doctors in Pune use simple pain-relieving medicines to treat mild conditions of chronic pain. A more aggressive approach, such as nerve block, patient-controlled analgesics, or surgical implants, may be necessary if medication is not helpful.

Psychological treatment is also helpful for some individuals if the pain is affecting their work and family life. These are safe and effective treatments to relieve stress that may work as a trigger for pain.

Reputed pain management hospitals in Pune provide a broad spectrum of treatments to help you improve your quality of life using various therapies. Consult a physician to know your options.

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What are the benefits of pain management?

The goal of pain management is to ensure relief from unbearable pain and provide comfort to a patient. Pain management in Pune includes several treatment options to deal with different painful situations. Management of pain ensures reliable treatment for the following conditions:

  • Pain that is persisting for over 2-3 weeks
  • Pain resulting in depression, anxiety or stress
  • Pain is affecting sleep or relaxation
  • Other treatments are not relieving pain
  • You cannot perform routine activities because of pain
  • Effective management of pain can prevent psychological complications. 

What are the complications?

Most complications of pain management may occur because of the side effects of pain-relieving medicines. These side effects are reversible by stopping the medication. Your physician can also use a milder dose to reduce the severity of side effects. It is essential to gauge risks and benefits before considering any pain-relieving medication.

Gastric irritation, stomach pain, and liver toxicity are few common side effects of pain medicines. Centrally acting analgesics such as opioids may lead to addiction. Discuss the potential side effects of such drugs with your physician before taking any medication for pain management in Pune.



What does pain management in children entail?

Children perceive pain differently than adults. A child will associate a prick of an injection with a disease, and for an adult, a needle prick can be a casual event. Doctors may find it difficult to assess the pain in kids. They need psychological support rather than medication and other therapies.

What are some of the examples of severe painful conditions?

Some of the most painful situations include labor pain, tooth extraction, cancer pain, post-surgical pain, and pain because of kidney stones. Bone fractures, tendon and ligament injuries can also result in excruciating pain.

Is acupuncture effective in pain management?

Acupuncture therapy aims at blocking the pain by stimulating the release of pain-blocking chemicals. The treatment involves stimulation of specific acupoints that prevent the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. Acupuncture may not be an effective standalone pain-relieving therapy. Physicians may suggest the same as an accompanying treatment.

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