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Hands reconstruction surgeries

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Hand Plastic Surgery in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Hand surgery is a procedure used for restoring hand and finger function. It can make your hand look normal. In most cases, it is used to treat hand injuries, infection of the hand, congenital defects of the hand, degenerative changes to the hand structures, and rheumatic disease.

Types of hand surgery

  • Skin grafts - This involves attaching or replacing skin to the part with the missing skin. It is mainly performed for fingertip injuries or amputations. Skin grafts can be taken from a healthy skin piece and attached to the injured area.
  • Skin flaps - In this also, skin is taken from another body part. But the procedure involves using skin with its own blood supply. It is used when the area with the missing skin doesn’t have a good supply of blood caused by extensive tissue damage or damage to the vessels.
  • Closed reduction and fixation - This is used in the case of broken bone where it realigns the bone and holds it in place.
  • Tendon repair - It is used for treating tendon injuries caused by sudden rupture, trauma, or an infection. Tendons are fibers joining muscle to the bone. There are three kinds of tendon repair:
    • Primary repair - This is done within 24 hours after a sudden or acute injury. It’s a direct surgery performed for fixing the injury.
    • Delayed primary repair - This is performed a couple of days after the injury. But, there is still an opening from the wound in the skin.
    • Secondary repair - These are performed about 2 to 5 weeks after the injury and might include tendon grafts. This is where tendons from other body parts are used to replace the damaged tendons.
  • Nerve repairs - In some injuries, the nerves are the ones that take on the damage which can result in the loss of feeling in the hand or hand function. Some nerve injuries might heal on their own while others might need surgery. In most cases, the surgery is performed about 3 to 6 weeks after the injury has occurred.
  • Fasciotomy - This procedure is done for treating compartment syndrome. It is a painful condition that results in increased pressure and swelling in a small space in the body often caused by an injury, this increased pressure can disrupt the blood flow to the body tissues resulting in damaged function. The surgery will require an incision in your arm or hand. This lets the muscle tissue swell, restores blood flow, and decreases the pressure.
  • Surgical debridement or drainage - If you have a hand infection, your treatment options include heat, antibiotics, elevation, and surgery. In case there is an abscess or a sore in your hand, surgical drainage can remove any pus. For severe wounds or infections, debridement cleans the contaminated and dead tissue from the wound. It can help promote healing and prevent further infection.
  • Joint replacement - Also known as arthroplasty, this surgical procedure is performed for severe hand arthritis. It involves replacing a joint damaged by arthritis with a prosthesis. This artificial joint can be made of plastic, silicone rubber, your own body tissue, or metal.
  • Replantation - In this type of surgery, the body part that has been completely severed or cut from the body is reattached. The aim is to restore the function. It involves using microsurgery that uses tiny tools and is performed using a microscope.

Causes of hand reconstruction surgeries

Here are a few conditions that require hand surgery:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - This condition is caused when there is increased pressure on the median nerve within the carpal tunnel or wrist. You might feel numbness, a tingling sensation, pain, aching, or weakness. Carpal tunnel syndrome has also been associated with other conditions like fluid retention during pregnancy, overuse or repetitive motion, rheumatoid arthritis, or nerve injury.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - This is a disabling disease that causes severe inflammation. It can cause pain, impaired movement, and deform fingers.
  • Dupuytren’s contracture - This is a disabling hand disorder caused by the formation of thick and scar-like tissue bands that extends into the fingers. It restricts the movement of the fingers by bending them into an abnormal position.

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Here are certain risks associated with hand reconstruction surgeries:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Losing movement or feeling in the hands
  • Incomplete healing

Will the doctor operate on both hands at the same time?

It depends on how severe your condition is. Usually, doctors like to operate on one hand at one time so that you can use your other hand while recovering. In the case of a serious condition like carpal tunnel syndrome, the surgery is completed on both hands at the same time to start the recovery process.

What type of anesthesia is administered for hand surgery?

This depends on the symptoms and severity of your condition. For major procedures, a general anesthetic might be used and if the doctor is operating on a small area, they will use a local anesthetic.


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