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Microdiscectomy Surgery in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Some women face discharge from one of their nipples because of a benign growth of duct in their breast. Surgeons use microdochectomy to stop this growth. Microdochectomy is a safe procedure as it treats only one duct of the breast.

What is microdochectomy?

Microdochectomy is an interchangeable surgical procedure that works as a detection technique. It also acts as a repair and therapeutic method. This surgical procedure removes the damaged mammary duct from a woman's breast if it propels a discharge from the nipple. Microdochectomy fixes this nipple discharge of the single duct affected by infection, injury, disease, or hereditary conditions.

What are the benefits of Microdochectomy?

- It helps to stop the unusual discharge from a nipple.

- The surgeon fixes the breast infection that causes nipple discharge.

- Surgeon fixes conditions like galactorrhea and Cushing syndrome.

- It also preserves the ability of the patient to breastfeed, especially those who will breastfeed in the coming days.

- It also fixes duct ectasia or benign growth that could have led to breast cancer.

How to prepare for the microdochectomy?

- You will have to go through galactography. This test is a way to investigate the ducts present in the breast and helps to find the damaged breast duct.

- You will also need to undergo other tests that your doctor prescribes, like mammography and breast USG.

- Your doctor will ask you to stop smoking if you are a regular smoker.

- The doctor will ask you to avoid squeezing the nipple before coming for the surgery.

How do the surgeons perform the procedure of microdochectomy?

- Your surgeon will give you general or local anesthesia

- You will have to lie down, and the surgeon will put pressure on the nipple to locate the opening of the duct.

- The surgeon will insert a probe in the duct carefully to not damage it any further.

- The surgeon marks the duct by dilating it with a dye.

-The surgeon then makes a circum-areolar incision. This skin of the areolar then works like a flap.

- The surgeon then cuts up the duct and separates the surrounding tissues from it.

- The surgeon then cuts and divides the duct to remove it.

- Sometimes, surgeons can insert a drain which he removes much later in the surgery.

- The surgeon will stitch the incision with absorbable sutures.

- The surgeon sends the sample for biopsy. This process will help to understand the underlying cause of the duct damage.

When to see a doctor?

If you did not undergo any procedure, then:

-You should visit the doctor if you're experiencing recurring nipple infections.

- If you are facing nipple discharge from a single duct inside the breast.If you have gone for a microdochectomy procedure, then:

- Visit a doctor if you face any complications after the surgery.

- If you experience any swelling, pain, or discharge that is occurring even after the procedure.

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What are the complications associated with microdochectomy?

- Allergic reaction due to general anesthesia.

- Infections near the surgery site.

- Pain and swelling in the area

- The wound healing can take time

- The nipple color and shape can change permanently

-hyperpigmentation or a dark scar near the nipple

- If the duct healing is not efficient, then the nipple can get retracted

- A palpable lump formation can occur in the duct area.

- If the nerves of the nipple get stretched, the patient will feel a numbing sensation.


Although discharge from the nipple does not mean you have cancerous development. Yet, ten percent of people with nipple discharge get breast cancer. This situation will happen if you feel a lump present and blood oozing out along with the nipple discharge. Do not get scared unnecessarily, as the doctor will guide you and tell you the best medical procedure fit for you.

How long does the Microdochectomy procedure take?

Usually, surgeons perform this surgical procedure in an outpatient way. The person can go back home after the surgery. The entire surgical procedure takes twenty to thirty minutes in total. It is a compact surgery as it generally deals with a single duct removal.

How long does it take to recover from Microdochectomy?

- Ideally, the hospital will discharge you in some hours after the surgery.

- It will take you a day to take a shower. You will be able to pour water over the nipple area after a week.

- The doctor will advise you to rest, and you will be able to do your daily chores within a week or twenty days.

Does Microdochectomy fix the nipple discharge completely?

Surgeons perform Microdochectomy in case of damage in a single duct. Hence, after the procedure, it stops completely. If several ducts act abnormally, then the surgeon will suggest other surgical procedures.


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