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Pediatric Vision Care

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Pediatric Vision Care Treatment & Diagnostics in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Pediatric Vision Care

Pediatric vision screening aims to identify any kind of abnormality that may hinder the vision perspective amongst the children. The abnormalities may range from shortsightedness, longsightedness, misaligned eyes, any condition that may require the usage of eyewear, so on and so forth.

The Affordable Care Act, which has been framed to reduce the cost of health insurance for qualifying people, states that pediatric vision care is amongst the essential health benefits that should be provided. Therefore, as of 2014, children under the age of 19 are to be provided group and individual health care insurance plans covering vision facilities such as screening, eye evaluations, eyeglasses, and contacts to heal aid vision under preventive care.

A child’s eye adapts changes very quickly as they grow. It is of utmost importance that periodical eye tests are taken to catch any developing issue at an initial stage for better and efficient treatment.

What are the tips to maintain healthy vision in children?

Some care tips should be taken note of while pondering upon pediatric vision health. These tips include:

  • Regular eye evaluation
    The vision of children is very sensitive to changes. It is recommended that the child undergoes a vision test regularly to keep a check on conditions such as lazy eyes, which are largely known to affect the vision in younger people. If any condition, severe or at an initial stage, is left unnoticed and thereby untreated, can affect the daily activities of the person. It may lead to a lack of concentration, poor academic performance, frequent headaches, and lacking confidence in general.
  • Less screen-time
    Do not let your child watch television or use phones, iPads, and laptops for a prolonged period. The screens may harm, the vision of children as their eyes. Set a particular time for the usage of these devices.
  • Do not smoke while pregnancy
    Smoking during pregnancy can prove very harmful as it may lead to premature birth which in turn may cause the baby to be born with permanent vision loss.
  • Get the baby’s eyes tested at every checkup after the birth of the baby. This is a sensitive time therefore it is recommended that you leave no scope for the baby to develop any vision condition that may go unnoticed.
  • Watch out for crossed eyes
    The baby while turning around a year old may be sensitive to the issue of crossed eyes. Crossed eyes are a medical condition related to vision wherein the eye is not aligned. One of the two eyes may either be upwards, downwards, inward, or outward. While some babies may be born with this condition, others may develop the symptoms of crossed eyes with time due to various reasons, most common being weak or damaged connecting nerves. Be careful about how your child is looking at objects and observe.
  • Beware of measles
    Measles refers to a viral infection that is considered effectively contagious. It mainly affects the nose and throat of the person but it can also adversely affect the vision of a person. It is recommended that you get yourself vaccinated for measles timely.
  • Keep your child away from any products that contain harmful. It can prove harmful to both the internal and external structure of the eyes.
  • Select the sports carefully
    As the child enters the teen there is a great tendency that the person may get an injured eye while practicing a sport of playing with friends. Keep a check and guide your child to be careful. Sports eye protectors can be used to avoid any injury of the sort.

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1. What food items can help improve my child’s eyesight?

Foods items such as fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, carrot, citrus fruits, and berries are recommended as being beneficial for eyesight.

2. What are the symptoms of vision problems in children?

You can recognize that a child has vision issues if he/she displays any of the following symptoms:

  • A white pupil instead of black
  • The eyes are sensitive to light
  • constant rubbing of eyes
  • poor concentration
  • hazy vision
  • double vision
  • abnormal alignment of eyes
  • chronic redness in the eyes

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