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Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) treatment in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

An infection caused in any part of your urinary system is known as a urinary tract infection. The parts that can get infected in urinary tract infection are your kidneys, bladder, uterus, and urethra. Normally the bladder and the urethra are infected as most infections involve the lower urinary tract.

The risk of developing urinary tract infections is higher in women. The infection can be treated easily with antibiotics but if left untreated it can damage your kidney and other organs. Taking proper precautions can help you from not getting urinary tract infections.

What are the Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections?

The following are the symptoms of urinary tract infections:

  • You will have a continuous urge of urinating.
  • While urinating, you will have a burning sensation.
  • Frequent visits to the bathroom.
  • Your urine will appear cloudy.
  • The color of your urine may be red, pink, etc. thus showing signs of blood in the urine.
  • Your urine will produce a strong odor.
  • Pelvic pain.

See a doctor if you experience these symptoms.

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What are the types of Urinary Tract Infections?

These three types of urinary tract infections. The type of infection depends on which part of the urinary tract is infected. The types are as follows:

  • Urethritis:In this the urethra gets infected. The urethra is the tube that passes urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. The symptom of urethritis is a burning sensation while urinating.
  • Cystitis: In this, a bacterial infection is caused in the bladder that generally travels from the urethra. The signs and symptoms of cystitis are blood in urine, pelvic pain, painful urination, etc.
  • Pyelonephritis:This is caused when the kidneys are infected. The infection in the kidneys can be caused if the infection has spread in the tract or backflow of urine to the kidney because of obstruction in the urinary tract. The signs and symptoms of pyelonephritis are vomiting, nausea, back pain, chills, etc.

What are the causes of Urinary tract Infections?

Urinary tract infections are caused when the bacteria enters the urinary tract and travels up the tract.

  • Generally, the bacteria in the stool and the large intestine are the common sources of infection in the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections can be caused form sexual intercourse. During intercourse the bacteria can move in the urinary tract can cause infections which is common in women.
  • People with kidney problems have to wear catheters that are small and flexible tubes that are inserted in the bladder to help the patient urinate. These are also the source of infection in the urinary tract.
  • When the GI bacteria spread from the anus to the urethra urethritis develops. This is common in females as their urethra is close to the vagina. They can develop herpes, gonorrhea, mycoplasma, etc.

Thus women are more vulnerable to such diseases as their urethra is small compared to the males. The chances of developing these infections are high if you are pregnant or having diabetes. Kidney stones, enlarged prostate gland, or any type of blockage caused in the bladder to stop the flow of urine can cause infections in the urinary tract.

What are the Risks?

Lower urinary tract infections can be treated easily with antibiotics but if left untreated it can damage your kidney and other organs. Risks include:

  • The infections can occur repeated times in women.
  • Urinary tract infections can permanently damage the kidney or cause chronic kidney diseases if left untreated.
  • Urinary tract infections are deadly for pregnant women as they can give birth to premature infants and low-weight infants.
  • You can develop sepsis which is a life-threatening disease.

What preventions should be taken?

Following these steps can reduce the chances of urinary tract infections:

  • Drinking adequate water and staying hydrated.
  • Cleaning your genitals.
  • Empty your bladder after intercourse.
  • Avoid bareback anal sex.
  • Use condoms during intercourse.





Can a man give a woman a urinary tract infection?

No. It is not possible to pass the bacteria that cause the infection in the bladder sexually.

What preventions should be taken for UTI?

  • Drinking adequate water and staying hydrated.
  • Cleaning your genitals.
  • Empty your bladder after intercourse.

What are the types of urinary tract infections?

There are three types of urinary tract infections.

  • Urethritis
  • Cystitis
  • Pyelonephritis


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