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Cervical biopsy

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Best Cervical biopsy Treatment & Diagnostics in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

A cervical biopsy is a surgical method through which the tissues or the cells that contain cancer in the cervix are removed. Cervix is a narrow end of the uterus. It is found at the end of the vagina.

A cervical biopsy can also be used to treat other abnormalities in the cervix such as polyps, cervical cancer, or genital warts.

Types of cervical biopsies

There are three different types of cervical biopsies

Cone biopsy: in this type of cervical biopsy, the cone-like structures of tissues that contain cancer or other abnormalities are removed through a laser. General anesthesia is given before the procedure for putting the patient in a sleep-like state.

Punch biopsy: in this form of cervical biopsy, small pieces of tissues that contain cancer are removed from the cervix through an instrument known as biopsy forceps

Endocervical curettage: in this form of cervical biopsy, the abnormal tissues are removed by a handheld instrument known as a curette. The curette is inserted through the endocervical canal. It is the space between the uterus and the vagina.

How the surgery of cervical biopsy is performed?

At first, your surgeon will give you general anesthesia in case of cone biopsy or local anesthesia, in any other type of biopsy. General anesthesia puts the patient into a sleep-like state while local anesthesia numbs the area of surgery.

Then your surgeon may insert a medical instrument known as a speculum in the vagina for keeping the canal open during the surgery. Then the cervix will be washed and cleaned with a solution of water and vinegar, little burning may occur during the cleansing.

The surgeon will identify the abnormal tissues through the schiller’s test. In schiller’s test, the cervix is swabbed with iodine. After the identification of abnormal tissues, the surgeon will remove them with a curette or a scalpel.

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Side effects of cervical biopsy

Being a surgical procedure, the cervical biopsy has its risks and benefits. Some of the common side effects or risks that may occur after the surgery are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infections in the cervix
  • scarring
  • Cone biopsy increases the risk of infertility and miscarriage

Before the surgery

It is important to consult with the surgeon regarding any allergies related to iodine or vinegar. Discuss with the surgeon about the medical history and the medications being taken.

If general anesthesia is given, the surgeon will advise to not eat for few hours before the surgery. The surgeon may advise avoiding sexual intercourse before 24 hours of the surgery and also avoid the use of tampons or use of any other medical creams in the vagina.

The health care professional may provide some pain killers before the surgery to avoid pain. It is also advised to take a sanitary pad along because bleeding may occur after the surgery.

Right candidate

A cervical biopsy is used to treat many abnormalities or problems of the cervix other than cervical cancer. The problems include:

  • Growth of polyps in the cervix
  • Genital warts are also known as HPV infections. It can also become a cause of cervical cancer if not treated on time. Diethylstilbestrol exposure, also known as DES, if an individual’s mother took DES while pregnancy then it may cause problems in the child and causes risk of problems in the reproductive system.
  • People with the following problems mentioned above are the right candidate for cervical biopsy.





What will be the duration of hospital stay after a cervical biopsy?

In punch biopsy, the patient can go home on the same day of the surgery. But in cone biopsy the recovery may take time, the patient will be required to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

How much time will it take to recover after a cervical biopsy?

The patient may experience cramping or bleeding for a week after the surgery. Further, the healing and recovery depend upon the type of biopsy and the care being taken after the biopsy.

For how long the use of tampons should be prohibited after the surgery?

The use of tampons should be avoided for several weeks after the surgery, as it may cause problems in the cervix.


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